What to do if you aren’t OBSESSED with your Wedding Photos?

bride and groom standing in the sand dunes of the nevada desert during golden hour as her cape blows in the wind and the groom leans in for a kiss

It happens – not all of us love our wedding photos and that’s OKAY, because I have a solution for you! I wanted to share some ideas on how you can have an epic wedding portrait redo session. Yup! That’s right, you can totally revamp your wedding gallery – and I’m ready to help.

bride and groom in red rock canyon nevada with the groom kissing the brides cheek
bride and groom standing on a sand dune hugging in the nevada desert

Why Do People ‘Redo’ their Wedding Photos?

They didn’t LOVE the way they looked. Some couples find later on that they didn’t like certain things such as, the attire they chose, the makeup look they got or the hairstyle wasn’t what they were going for. Additionally, some couples find that who they are now isn’t represented in their past wedding photos.

They couldn’t afford the photographer of their dreams. If a couple was on a strict budget maybe they had to ask a family member or friend to take their wedding photos and therefore the photos might not have lived up to the standards that they had hoped for.

bride and groom hugging while the bride lifts her cape to cover them up

They weren’t able to have their wedding at the venue or destination they would have liked. There are several factors that go into choosing a wedding venue. If a couple chooses to select a location for ease of access for their family and friends they might not have been able to have the wedding venue of their dreams.

The weather on their wedding day wasn’t great. Most people dream of having their wedding photos done at golden hour. But some couples end up having bad weather on their day. Redoing your photos gives you the opportunity to capture those warm sunset photos.

bride and groom under the brides veil in the desert in Nevada

Tips on Making Your ‘Redo’ Session Epic

  1. Schedule your session on your anniversary.
  2. Choose a photographer you love.
  3. Pick a Location that is meaningful.
  4. Shoot at sunrise or sunset.
bride and groom holding hands and walking on the sand dunes in the nevada desert

Love and Arman’s Session

Love and Arman had a big wedding celebration in Sept of 2021 but unfortunately they didn’t get the photos they wanted. So they reached out to me and wanted to do a redo! I wanted to help make their dreams come true.

We decided to do a couple different locations. So we chose to do mountain vibes for the first half of the day and desert vibes for the second. I was obsessed with Arman’s wedding gown because was incredibly beautiful and sparkly! We spent the day shooting and getting such a variety of photos. In the end they were soooooo happy with the end results!

bride and groom nose to nose as the camera captures them from above

Client Love

We made the best decision choosing you to take these pictures for us! So excited to share these with our loved ones next week on our 1 year wedding anniversary!!! Wow. Blown away! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. Stunning stunning stunning pictures and beautiful memories created!” – Love + Arman

groom leading bride up a sand dune in the Nevada desert

Need Help Planning Your Next Session?

I would love to help you plan something amazing! Reach out here to get started.