Meet your adventure photographer

Becca Cannon

So nice to meet you.

I'm so happy you're here wanting to get to know me. I hope this starting point sparks a connection. I might be the only person with you for your special day, which feels like an absolute honor for me. So I want to make sure I'm your dream woman! I might be there to help fix your hair, makeup, and dress. I'll be there when you say your vows to the love of your life. I'll be there capturing all the sweet intimate moments. So it is extremely important to me to make you feel so comfortable and relaxed. So dive in and get to know me a little bit and I can't wait to get to know you!

The HIstory of My Photography Journey.

You might be wondering how long I've been doing photography, where I came from, how I landed in the adventure elopement field, and maybe what my overall experience is!

I knew I wanted to be a photographer around the age of 16 and I aspired to work for National Geographic. The adventures and stories they told looked amazing! All of my time and attention from then was focusing on my skill and creativity as a photographer and eventually landed in the field of being a traditional wedding photographer straight out of college. I ended up in Nashville for about 5 years growing my business from the ground up - focusing on the more traditional weddings. I always knew my heart called me to Colorado and I was desperate for that change. After a lot of work, I finally dug my boots into the mountains of Colorado with no plans to leave anytime soon.

Once I moved to Colorado, I completely switched my focus from the traditional wedding to adventure elopements and haven't looked back!

I have a passionate spirit for the outdoors - getting my hands dirty, pushing myself outside of my comfort zone, searching for magnificent mountain scapes with a heart full of adventure. So now I get to combine my passion for the outdoors with my passion for creating art and memories for couples like you! If you're like me and genuinely LOVE the outdoors and want nature to be your witness for saying your vows, you've found the right girl to capture this experience for you.

Let's make a connection

Let's Connect

I'd love to tell you all the random facts about me because it can be magical to connect over some of the simpler things in life.

I was homeschooled my whole life (and loved it!). I was a pretty outgoing and athletic kid playing volleyball and basketball - I loved to play in our backyard where I had imaginary adventures catching tad poles and frogs, played capture the flag, had tea parties, wrestled with my brothers. I am the youngest and have 3 older siblings and we're all now a very adventurous family in our adult lives. Everyone's pretty spread out around the world but we remain really close.

I've grown to love the outdoors as my own escape from the digital age of our culture. I go outside to reconnect with nature and with myself. I have the best adventuring buddy - my Australian shepherd named Desi. We've been on numerous car camping, backpacking, and road tripping adventures together.

Random things that I love: Rock climbing, FRIENDS and The Office, solo hikes with Desi, cooking, reading fiction, true crime, mental health, Christmas, summer backpacking trips, cozy winter days, the smell of fall, the spring rain, Matcha, coffee, deep and meaningful conversations.