Let's go on an adventure.

If you're wanting to ditch the tradition of a big wedding, put on your hiking boots, and go on a wild Colorado adventure to say your vows, you're in the right place! 

If the idea of planning a big wedding sounds extremely stressful, then you know you're planning the wrong kind of wedding.

Our culture promotes one kind of cookie cutter wedding that is supposed to fit every single couple and their love story. But that is so wrong! I believe that every couple is so different and unique. I believe that you should be allowed to do whatever you want on your day. I believe you could get up for sunrise with your partner and go on the most epic and incredible all day adventure, just the two of you and your dog, and say your vows on the peaks of mountains!

You don't have to listen to tradition, listen to your gut and follow your vision for adventure!

Hi! I'm Becca.

your designated third wheel + hiking buddy

a snapshot into my life

Here's a bunch of random fun facts of who I am, hopefully this allows you to get to know me a little better!

___I was homeschooled my whole life. I've always been pretty extraverted and find a lot of motivation and drive in things I'm passionate about (photography being one of them).

___I'm an enneagram 7 which means I can be really spontaneous and don't take life too seriously! (And I end most sentences with an exclamation point!)

___I'm pretty girly but also a tomboy! I love to get my hands dirty, rough it in the woods, I love hiking, rock climbing, camping, and just exploring nature when possible.

___I'm always striving to better myself as a human being and push myself outside of my comfort zone to try new experiences when possible. I believe that getting out of your bubble and experiencing new countries and cultures broadens your perspective.

___I'm a deep thinker and love to have conversations about life, the universe, psychology, and anything real and raw. I love getting to know my couples as deeply as I can so I can bring the raw emotions into the photos!

A little about me.

Colorado Elopement Planning

Services I can offer you beyond photography

Location Scouting + Recommendations

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More than a photographer

Planner. Coordinator. Tour Guide. Adventure buddy. Hype Girl. Eye Witness. 

If you're thinking you don't know where to start when it comes to planning a Colorado adventure elopement, start with me! I'm more than just a photographer that's going to show up (and take incredible photos;), I will help brainstorm an epic, adventurous day for the two of you. Not only that, I'll help you plan, give you location ideas, trails we should explore, views we should hike to, I'll help obtain any permits we need, find the perfect camping or Airbnb oasis for the two of you! I'll help book and reserve any type of adventure you want to go on!

I can offer so much support and help from day one before you even decide if you want to book with me. You don't have to try to figure this all out on your own.

I will show up with my camera on the big day and take freaking AWESOME photos of the two of you as well! But just know that I can offer even more than that!

If my wife Kimberly and I were asked to describe our experiences with Becca using only one word we would say “fun”. Becca took our engagement pictures back in July last year. Kimberly and I weren’t really sure what to expect heading into that day because we’re both shy people whenever it comes to getting our pictures taken. Starting out we were a little uncomfortable, but as the session went on, thanks to Becca’s guidance of course, Kimberly and I quickly forgot that someone was taking pictures of us and we were just living in the moment! Fast forward to our cold, windy, and rainy wedding day on top of Max Patch in October. Having Becca on our wedding day added to our unforgettable experiences and the ridiculous amount of fun that we had while we were all absolutely soaked and freezing on top of Max Patch! Kimberly and I could not have asked for better people to work with and we will be forever grateful for the memories that they helped us capture.
P.S. The pictures turned out amazing! Kimberly and I are soo happy with them and we’re constantly receiving compliments about them from friends, family, and people we hardly know haha.

Chris + Kimberly's Experience

Why I Love Elopements.

In my book, an elopement is solely focused on two people who want to celebrate their un-denying love and connection with each other in front of the universe. The reason I love elopements is because of how much intention and focus there is on two people and their connection with each other. It's not about the flowers, cake, decorations, party favors, catering, guests or family members.

It's about you.

The adventure part of it makes it so fun and special for YOU. When you remove all the expectations of a big wedding and trying to please your family and guests, then you get to take a step back and realize that you'd rather run away into the mountains or the desert, just the two of you, and focus just on each other.

Simply because of the intentionality behind the day. Just focusing on the two of you. No one else.

Why would I need all day coverage of my elopement?

the big question

Your day is so incredibly special! The whole day! I want to be able to tell as much of the story as possible.

Here's what you should know

This wouldn't be a 12 hour long photo session where I make you pose and smile all day. This would be a day where you can pick your adventures throughout the day and I'll be along to capture it! We'll of course schedule portrait time specifically to get creative, usually during sunrise or sunset and maybe even some with the starry night sky. But overall, this is a documentation of how you celebrated your elopement from start to finish. Ultimately, this day is yours! And I want to follow along and tell the story of your elopement.

What you'll be missing

You will be missing out on so many in between moments that make up your whole day if you only want a few hours captured. Moments like getting ready in the morning, a special first look with each other before we start the day, traveling between destinations, hiking the trails, snacks, lunch, and dinner that you'll share on your day, maybe even a first dance or an end of the night steamy session. There are so many hidden and sweet moments that we could document, and if we don't then the simple memories of your day will be lost forever. Our memories will fade quickly and I would love to capture it all so you never forget what you did.

Sunrise jeep ride or hike to the top of a mountain to watch the sun rise

Arrive at the top of the mountain, get wedding clothes on with headlamps

First look + vow reading overlooking incredible mountain peaks

Sunrise frolicking + portraits on top of the mountain

Head back down the mountain

Take a nap break from the early morning we had

Let's grab a picnic and head to our second epic location in the mountains

Picnic in the mountains among the grassy fields and wildflowers.

First dance with the elk and deer watching.

Sunset portraits. The perfect time for a golden hour session

Blue hour portraits with lanterns

Say goodnight! We did it! We documented your entire wedding day experience. Let's go again!

all day experience

(up to 12 hours documented)

elopement Experiences

---  Starting at $4400

I want to give you an idea of what your elopement experience could look like! Imagine an all day experience with your partner, waking up before sunrise to jeep into the mountains - bringing your wedding clothes and backpacks, hiking to the peak with our headlamps. We can do a first look as the sun is rising and frolic on the mountain tops!

Example of an

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