How to Propose to Your Partner

fiance down on one knee proposing to his girlfriend

So you’re getting ready to propose!? CONGRATS!! Proposing to your partner is a big deal! It can feel overwhelming and exciting all at the same time. There isn’t really a guidebook on this sort of thing and many people can feel really lost when it comes to planning a proposal. You might want to include a photographer in the mix to capture the moment, but if you don’t know where to start or how to plan it, let me help!

Let Me Help!

First, let me put your mind at ease. Over the years I have been a part of my fair share of proposals, so if you have absolutely no idea where to start I am here to help. I am always happy to assist with planning and give you suggestions on location and timing. 

I can also share all the little details that you might not have thought about – I can even give you the que of when to get down on one knee. I can be involved in the planning process as much or as little as you want.

Whatever I can do to make this moment special for you, I’ll do my best to help you plan or even set things up for you if needed. I will coordinate all the details with you ahead of time, I can send you location pin drops, photos of trails, and will get super detailed in exactly where to meet!

fiance down on one knee while proposing to his girlfriend in the desert

Think About This…

I want you to dig down deep and think about what is special to the two of you. How can we make this proposal super special and memorable? Think about where you first met and how. Try to think of any little memory that might involve something special that we can bring into the proposal. 

Maybe you could print some photos to have surrounding the proposal site. Maybe it’s a large “will you marry me” sign, balloons, or candles. Or maybe you go totally quirky and choose to sprinkle the ground with taco bell sauce packets because you met at a Taco Bell! You could also choose to keep it simple and take them out for a picnic or desert sunset walk. 

newly engaged couple forehead to forehead in the desert having an intimate moment together after he proposed

I’ve Got Your Back!

Once you’re in place, it’s all about your own timing and what feels right to you. You will know in your heart when the right moment is to actually propose. Just trust that I’m SUPER aware of where you will be and what you’re doing. Even if it seems like I’m far away, I promise I’m ready and will jump into action immediately once you drop to a knee!

Once they say yes, we’ll just have an amazing time capturing photos afterwards and making memories until the sun goes down!

newly engaged couple holding hands and walking through the desert together

Key Takeaways

  • Personalize your proposal to your relationship
  • Pick a Location that is Meaningful
  • Talk to Your Photographer about When the Best Time of Day is to Propose
newly engaged couple embracing while kissing each other in the desert after just being proposed too

Ready to Start Planning Your Proposal?

I am so excited that you are getting ready to plan one of the best days ever! I would love to help you anyway that I can and make your proposal extra special. Reach out here to get started.

newly engaged couple kissing while rose petals are being thrown at them in the desert after he just proposed to his girlfriend