Why You Should have a Desert Vow Renewal | Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas

Couple kissing in the desert in Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas during their vow renewal

If you have been thinking about doing a vow renewal with your lover – here’s your sign! No matter how long it’s been, your love deserves to be celebrated in all its forms. 

As you can probably tell I LOVE photographing couples in the desert! And if you love the desert as much as I do, you should definitely meet me in Vegas to renew your vows!

I would absolutely love to come along and help you honor your commitments to each other by documenting this special moment in your lives. 

Close-up Portrait of Husband and Wife having an intimate moment while in the desert in Las Vegas during their vow renewal

Brittni + Ryan

Brittni and Ryan came out to Las Vegas for the 10 year anniversary and decided it would be a great idea to also do a vow renewal. They have been together since high-school and inseparable for most of their lives. 

We started out their session with some quick photos at the little white chapel and then headed over to Red Rock Canyon to grab some of those warm desert photos. 

They were so fun and you could feel their love for eachother the entire time. We wrapped up their session right around dusk and got some really beautiful blue-hour photos. Overall, it was a really magical day!

Couple standing in front of the little white chapel sign in Las Vegas

Why have a Vow Renewal? 

Renewing your vows can really help you reminisce on the years that you have already spent together, and help you reflect on how you want to improve in the future. It is also a time to celebrate the good-times you have had together. Many couples find that vow renewals can help strengthen their relationship as well. 

Vow renewals give you the chance to once again express your love in a ceremonial setting. Additionally, if you didn’t get to read private vows at your wedding this is a great opportunity to do so. Especially since vow renewals tend to be more private and exclusive to the couple. 

Another fun thing to consider is that you may not have had children when you were first married, and if you do at the time of your vow renewal you can give your kids a chance to participate in your ceremony. This will create an incredible memory not only for your children but for you too! 

There are so many reasons why people choose to have a vow renewal but here are some of the top reasons why: 

couple walking through the desert holding hands in Las Vegas during their vow renewal photoshoot

Your Dream Wedding didn’t go as planned

Many of us have a vision for our dream wedding but it doesn’t always go as planned. A vow renewal allows you a second chance! Vow renewals tend to be just you and your partner making it a lot less stressful. This gives you the ability to completely focus on each other and have a day that is entirely planned around you. A good way to think about planning your renewal is what would you have done differently from your wedding? 

You’ve Made it to a Milestone Anniversary 

Marriage can be hard work. It takes a lot of communication, compromise and commitment. Life is hard but doing it with someone else can be even harder, so you should be proud of yourselves! Not many people take the time to celebrate their anniversary, so agreeing to a vow renewal can really help push you to honor your love. 

Update your Vows

Life changes and so does marriage! It is an incredible journey to grow together. Having a vow renewal allows you a chance to revisit your commitments, and update them based on how your lives have changed together. Updating your vows allows you the chance to assess how you see your future together and what steps you will take to get there. This can be a really eye-opening experience, because many of us don’t take the time to think about how our relationships have progressed. 

husband and wife walking through red rock canyon in las vegas during their vow renewal celebration

Why Have a Desert Vow Renewal?

The desert is colorful, vast, wild and warm. How incredible would it be to say your vows in a landscape that has weathered some of the harshest conditions but still has the ability to produce life? 

The deserts in some places of Las Vegas stretch for miles and it’s easy to feel like the only two people in the world. If you are a couple who values privacy and want to say your new vows away from everything, the desert is the best place for it. 

Another great benefit of having your vow renewal in the desert is that you can do it during the off-season. This generally allows for cooler temperatures and if you are planning on hiring wedding vendors, they have more availability during this time too. 

Lastly, the sunsets and lighting in the desert are incredible. During golden hour the desert comes alive. When the light hits the warm toned rocks, cliffs and cacti – it’s almost as if they are glowing! It is beyond magical. 

couple holding hands in the desert looking at eachother and smiling during their vow renewal
photo of couples feet walking down the road in red rock canyon las vegas
couple facing away from the camera kissing with red rock canyon las vegas in the background
husband aand wife jokingly hitch-hiking in the desert during their vow renewal photoshoot

Ready to start planning your desert vow renewal? 

Reach out and let’s talk about how I can be a part of your day. I want to help you plan all the amazing details and help you create your perfect desert vow renewal experience. Contact me here to start chatting all about your vision. 

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husband and wife walking through red rock canyon las vegas during their vow renewal