Van Life Couples Photoshoot

couple sitting on top of their campervan while boyfriend is kissing girlfriends forehead

Van life is an alternative way of living that allows people to get back to basics and creates a simpler way of life. Many people are attracted to this lifestyle because it allows them to travel the world and spend time in nature. Van life for many constantly inspires people to continue living their dream because it allows you to do what you love, set your own schedule, be your own boss, and live more spontaneously. 

couple holding hands while standing in front of their campervan

Adam + Emily’s Van Life Session

Adam and Emily’s session was incredibly fun. They brought their camper van along because they really enjoy taking it out on the weekends and traveling to new places. I thought that it was a great idea because it was a great prop and represented their relationship perfectly! We also got a chance to take some photos by a small waterfall and field during golden hour. I absolutely loved their playfulness and adventurous spirits! I would love to work with more van lifers in the future and document their travels! 

boho couple sitting on top of their campervan during their van life couples session
boyfriend leaning into girl friends face during engagement session

Is Van Life Right for You?

There are a few things to consider before jumping into van life. These tips will help you have a clearer picture of your situation and how you can move forward to see if van life is something that is feasible for you. 

  1. Think about the obstacles that are stopping you from being able to live out your dreams of van life. Take notes and brainstorm ideas on how you can achieve solutions for your problems that are stopping you from pursuing van life. 
  1. Do your research, van life is something that can impact your entire life and families. So make sure to read everything you can about what you are getting into! There are so many helpful blogs, stories, and youtube videos out there!
  1. Consider renting a campervan for the weekend. There are several companies out there that have converted vans that you can rent for a weekend trip or even longer. This will be a great test to see if you can handle living on the road. 

Here are 3 companies to check-out: 

  1. Connect with other van lifers and get involved in the community. Reach out and ask questions! There are so many Facebook groups that you can join which are loaded with information. 
couple kissing in the forest
couple walking towards a waterfall

The Different Types of Van Lifers

Weekend Warriors – These are the people who choose to have a van and do weekend and holiday trips, while keeping their current residency. 

Full-time Van Lifers – These are the people who live on the road full-time and don’t have a permanent residency aside from their van or vehicle. 

Engagement ring photo while couples holding hands
Cute couple standing in front of their blue camper van in the forest

Alternative Van Life Vehicles

There are many vehicles that people choose to do Van Life in, so if you are thinking a dodge sprinter might not be a good fit for you there are several other options! 

  • RVs
  • Busses
  • Cars
  • Military Vehicles
  • Jeeps with Pop up tents
  • Trucks
boyfriend kissing girlfriend while giving her a dip kiss
picture of couples shoes during their engagement session

Are you a van lifer who wants to do a cute couples session?

I want to photograph you! Reach out and let’s talk about the perfect session for you and your partner! Contact me here to start planning your dream session!

Want to see the full album from Adam and Emily’s photoshoot session click here.

couple sitting in front of their campervan