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Learning poses for photoshoots doesn’t need to be hard. There are simple poses that can be used in order to create strong photos for your clients. So much so, that I have even created a whole posing course for photographers. I want to help you learn all about how to be interactive and communicative with your couples. However, if you aren’t ready to dive into my course quite yet, here you will find my “go-to” poses for photoshoots.

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Client Connection and Experience

The photoshoot experience you are giving your clients goes way beyond just posing. It is all about connecting with them and learning who they are as people. Whether you are a couples, family or branding photographer this is true for anyone you are working with. You need to create an experience for them.

However, I know this can seem overwhelming but I promise you it’s not. You just need to introduce a few things into your workflow and session to deliver a big impact on your clients.

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Here are a few ways you can do that:

1. Get to Know Your Couple Before Your Session together

Ask them to meet you for a coffee or set-up a Zoom call with them. During this initial meeting with them ask them about themselves, be an active listener. Ask questions that will allow you to understand if they are introverted or extroverted, the types of activities they like or what they do for work.

Try following the 80/20 rule of active listening. It basically means you should spend 80% of the time listening and only 20% of the time talking. In the vast majority of cases, clients want to tell you what they think, feel and need.

2. Read the Room

Never make your couples do something that is out of their comfort zone. If they tell you they aren’t comfortable with something that’s okay! Besides if they are uncomfortable with a certain pose or direction it will be all over their faces in photos and you don’t want that!

I always suggest starting your sessions off slow and simple. Once they have warmed up a bit and understand your posing style and personality that is when you can start pulling out the fun stuff!

3. Take your Time!

Don’t rush through your sessions. Take breaks, make conversation, maybe even have a snack together! Taking time to reset and throw in some relaxing intimate poses helps to add variety and gives your couple a moment to relax.

4. Play Music

Ask your clients if they wouldn’t mind you playing music for the session or you can even ask them if they have a favorite playlist they want to listen too! I love playing music for my couples because they can lose themselves in the music, and it is a good distraction for them if they are feeling awkward. It can give them something to focus on. Also, if they are super playful and like to sing along – it can make for some awesome candid photos!

You can also suggest playing music the last 10-minutes and have a mini dance party! I promise you’ll get some of the best photos!

The 7 Poses for Photoshoots

Just a quick note before we dive in! Doing movement oriented poses will help loosen up your couples so that their photos don’t look stiff. Active poses gives your couples the opportunity to be playful and intimate. Don’t be afraid to try new things and be honest with your couples if it’s not working. Simply, move onto something else. If you’ve been struggling to get emotions rolling during your sessions, try these tips and poses and see what happens!

boyfriend giving his girlfriend a shoulder ride in a field in the mountains

1. Piggyback or Shoulder Ride

You might be thinking, ” a piggy back is so unoriginal!” BUT I’m telling you! Once you get her on his shoulders or back and he starts swinging her a round – it’ll get them both laughing! And that’s what you want. Sometimes prompts can seem a bit weird or silly to couples but ensure them that the photos will definitely turn out amazing if they just give it a shot. Plus you don’t need to have them stay in the same pose for long.

2. Fire Fighter Throw

This is where you have him run up, throw her over the shoulder and twirl her around or run away! Many couples need to work up to this one, so maybe put it towards the end of your session together when they have gotten more comfortable.

3. Poke a Nose

Have them face each other and intertwine their fingers together with their index fingers sticking out! Now tell them to try and poke the others nose without getting their own nose poked!

This prompt is great for a competitive couple! If your couple is extremely aware of the camera being pointed at them, then distracting them with a fun activity like this will quickly get them to loosen up.

4. Spin Around

A simple, yet super effective prompt! You can make this prompt even more fun by making it a surprise for the girl. Tell her to plug her ears and then whisper to the guy that he needs to run up behind her and swing her around. If you tell her to keep her eyes closed and ears plugged then she’ll be totally caught of guard! And don’t be afraid to have them do this a few times so that you can get her reaction from all angles.

5. The Dip Back

Have him pick her up, (or standing) and lean her back as far as possible and sway her back and forth. I love this pose because from this starting position, you can give them so many small simple directions to mix it up! Have him blow a raspberry on her neck, kiss attack her face, dip her up and down several times in a row to get her hair moving.

6. Airplane Arms

Have your couple intertwine their fingers and have them airplane their arms around. This pose is one of my all time favorites because it is so simple and diverse. It can also be used for couples of all personality types. There are so many ways that couples can interpret this prompt as well, adding an extra layer of variety. Some couples flap their arms or some do a simple teeter-totter.

7. Tipsy Walk or Run

Hold each other and walk together in a sloppy zig zag. This pose can be done walking towards the camera, away from the camera, or even past it! There is so much variety with this particular prompt. You can have them run during this prompt too, which makes for some really awesome action shots.

Final Thoughts

Learning posing for photoshoots is a must and creating connection with your clients is incredibly important too. If there is anything to take away from this make sure to give them an experience. This is how you can ensure your clients are going to have an incredible time during their session. You want them to remember this moment together and enjoy their time.

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Still need help with posing? Check out my posing course here!

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