Posing Ideas for Moody Vibes & Introverted Couples

Moody Couple's Photoshoot in the Desert

Many couples are camera shy and some couples are just naturally introverted. Some photographers can find it difficult to pose couples who aren’t really into PDA and may not be as willing to try larger movements.

I love teaching photographers about my experiences and posing ideas for different types of couples. Thenoo and Sanhar’s session inspired me to write this blog post about posing ideas for introverted couples. In my experience, many of my introverted couples tend to have a moodier or alt. vibe as well. 

Moody Desert Couples Photoshoot

Chat Beforehand

Getting to know your couples before their session is super important for many reasons, and can be even more important for couples who are introverted. Introverted couples feel more comfortable around people that they know and are familiar with. 

You want to make sure that you talk to them about how the session will run and what to expect. Introverted couples tend to not like surprises and doing things that they may feel are uncomfortable or don’t reflect their personalities. Which leads me to advise you to get to know them and their personalities as best you can so you can judge what they will be comfortable with during their session. 

close-up photos of couples faces during their desert engagement session

Read their Body Language

Learning to read body language is a very important skill for all photographers. I highly encourage you to be observant on your sessions so that you can learn what people like and dislike about certain poses. There are even courses out there that teach you how to read body language if you aren’t confident in learning it on your own.

If you can tell from your clients body language that they are uncomfortable or the pose is not working out  – move onto something else. You don’t want to create awkward moments for your clients that may leave them feeling embarrassed. 

It’s a good idea to have some “go-to” casual poses so that when something like this happens you can move your couple into them instead. I suggest picking “go-to” poses that aren’t PDA heavy, choose simple things like holding hands or walking. 

Couples looking out at the sunset in the desert in valley of fire

Keep it Light and Be their Hype Person

Keep your sessions light and fun and I promise that you will have an incredible shoot no matter the personality. All of my couples who tend to be introverted always thank me for being the comedic relief of the session.

They always tell me how appreciative they are that I don’t take things too seriously if they can’t do something! It’s your job to make them feel confident. You also want to make it a point to tell them what they are doing well throughout the session. It’s amazing how much more open my couples become after a bit of encouragement. 

Don’t Force Emotion, Keep it Natural

If a couple doesn’t want to smile, don’t make them! Capturing what comes naturally to them is way more important – when couples look back on their photos they want to recognize themselves.

Never tell your couples to smile, but if you’re giving them a prompt to do and they start to laugh or smile then that’s perfect! But telling a couple to smile will usually only get you a forced smile which definitely shows in their photos. 

Think Outside the Box

Or think more like a magazine or band cover. If your couple has a more alternative look and moody vibes, don’t be afraid to put your couples in funky positions. Have them look away from each other, lean against each other, stand apart from each other and look for a different angle or opportunity – get creative!

And let your clients know what you are trying to do. Be vulnerable with them, they will appreciate you telling them that you want to try something new or different. Be honest and tell them that it could be a total flop! Being open with introverted couples allows them to feel more connected with you. 

couple walking down the road holding hands in the desert

Bring Props

One of my favorite posing ideas is to bring a hat or sunglasses to a session to give the couple something to hold and play with during the session. This can help alleviate stress and give them something to do with their hands.

This goes with the above section “chat beforehand” asking them to bring props that are special to their relationship or could be a fun activity for them to do is a fun way to add some variety to their session! This can also be a great distraction to capture some candid emotions!

couple exploring desert with cool sunglasses on
Cute couple wearing glasses

Are you an introverted couple who has a moody vibe? 

Reach out here and let’s talk about how I can be a part of your session! I want to help you plan all the amazing details. 

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black and white of couple holding hands