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If you are looking to have a waterfall engagement session I can totally help you find the perfect location, whether it’s in Hawaii, Oregon, or beyond! There are endless possibilities when it comes to taking your couples travel photos and crafting an experience around that. I absolutely love Oregon and Hawaii because they both have a variety of different landscapes to explore – magical waterfalls, old-growth forests, huge mountains and so much more!! I want to help you and your partner find the perfect engagement session location to make your photos extra special like Michael and Laura’s. 

Best times of year for Waterfall Engagement Sessions

In both Hawaii and Oregon waterfalls are a year round landscape to be explored! Depending on the type of vibe you are looking for, you will want to consider what time of year to have your engagement session. I personally think the best times of the year to have your session are the summer or fall months! However, the fall will definitely bring out the more “moodier” and rainy side of Oregon that it is so famous for and if you are looking to have your engagement photos done in Hawaii this state is known for it’s tropic, sunny weather but there is a rainy season as well. 

Michael + Laura’s Engagement Session

Michael and Laura decided to have their waterfall engagement session in July and it was incredible! The lighting was perfect creating this gorgeous golden glow and the waterfall was full and flowing! Michael and Laura were such a fun couple to work with. You can tell by their photos that they were up for anything! I mean they even got in the water!! I absolutely love when a couple is down for anything! How cool is it that they were willing to adventure with me, get in the water, and share lots of laughs with me to make their photos extra fun! 

Waterfall Locations for your Couples Travel Engagement Photoshoot

There are so many hidden spots in Oregon and Hawaii to explore and I want to help you find them! Here are just a few popular waterfalls in Oregon and Hawaii to have your engagement session:

This location had to be on the top of my list because it is just absolutely stunning. It has a bridge that goes right across it that makes for some really cool photos. Not to mention that this waterfall is located in the Columbia River Gorge which is an amazing area to explore. 

This waterfall has a beautiful blue pool of water at the base of it, it flows over basalt cliffs, creating a unique look. You can make your way to the base of this waterfall to have some beautiful photos captured. 

Another great location is the infamous Latourell Falls, it is a 2 mile hiking loop and is one of the most popular locations since it is super close to Portland. It is a 224 foot waterfall that spills over an undercut of basalt rock. 

Reed’s Falls is a vacation rental with a gorgeous view of the waterfall right outside your window! There is no hiking involved to get to this spot! This is definitely a unique experience if you are wanting to have an engagement session and romantic getaway at the same time! 

This waterfall is also referred to by locals as Waihi falls, and is an easy walk from north shore. If you are feeling adventurous for your engagement session like Michael and Laura you can even jump in the water. 

Becca Cannon Photography | Travel Elopement Photographer

Are you ready to start planning your couples travel session?

I would love to help you start planning your waterfall engagement session. There are so many possibilities! Be sure to check out my other blog posts for more engagement session inspiration. If you are ready to get started head over to my contact page here and let’s chat!