Eloping out in the Desert | Las Vegas Elopement Photographer

Desert Elopement close up of the couple

“What draws us into the desert is the search for something intimate in the remote.”

-Edward Abbey

Portrait of the bride in the desert with her flowers

This quote perfectly expresses the experience of many couples that choose elopements. My recent couple Manny and Montana can resonate, their experience will likely never be forgotten that’s for sure. Certainly with traditional weddings constantly evolving over the years, elopements have become a popular choice for many couples–and for good reason! Has the idea of being surrounded by red rocks, plateaus, cactus, and dunes on your special day piqued your interest? Continue reading more from Manny and Montana’s stunning desert elopement to gather some inspiration.

Golden Vows

Adventure elopements have always been a term that oozes love. There is something majestic about looking at a dreamy couple declaring their love for one another with a golden backdrop provided by Mother Nature. Manny and Montana’s special day made that much more special by being away from the conformity of social norms. They were able to step into the stillness and quietness of their day and soak up all that the surrounds had to offer. As a result, it provided an undeniable sacredness to the knot tied between the couple by the witness of the golden sand of Las Vegas, Nevada. The sun perfectly setting the stage for the most astonishing lighting.

The Raw Emotion of Elopements

Montana dressed in a classic boho styled dress and the handsome Manny looking suave in a tailored suit. Meanwhile, the scent of nature drifted through the air, stirring with love, which made their raw emotions come to life in every image. The entire day was so intimate and struck a chord within the couple’s souls reflected by their glowing faces.

Love is in the Desert

Just for a moment, imagine staring into the eyes of your significant other surrounded by the blissful silence of the desert; hand in hand, feet in the sand, while uttering those life-changing words “I Do”! There is something very powerful and secure in having nature witness the most important day of your life. Okay, and perhaps a few of those nearest and dearest to you. It sounds like a perfectly intimate elopement I’d say.

Becca Cannon Photography | Desert Elopement Photographer

Are You Dreaming of a Desert Elopement?

The possibilities are endless, there are many beautiful desert locations. Ultimately, where you elope is up to you and your partner. The important thing is that you choose a place that has meaning to you. In other words, one that will help create an unforgettable experience!

Check out my recent blogs, if you’re looking for more inspiration on where to elope. Reach out to me here to start planning the elopement of your dreams!