Best Engagement Outfit Tips for your Photoshoot!

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So you and your significant other have a photoshoot coming up and let me guess– you’ve got no clue what to wear? I created this guide all about my best engagement outfit tips and how you can prepare for your upcoming session!

I know that choosing the perfect outfit and how to prepare for your photoshoot can feel overwhelming. But I am here to help and make things as simple and stress-free as possible! I want you to feel confident in what you are wearing for your photoshoot so you can let loose and have fun! 

boho couple walking through valley of fire holding hands

Jenny and Simons Engagement Session

Jenny and Simon were such a blast to work with! I got to photograph them at Valley of Fire, in Las Vegas. We had so much fun exploring and you can tell that these two are just so incredibly in love!! 

Jenny and Simon went for a casual and comfy look for their photos which was great because they were willing to move around and get creative during there session. Simon was picking Jenny up and twirling her around the entire session!

When you wear an outfit that gives you the ability to move, then you give me the ability to do my job as creatively and freely as possible!

Both Jenny + Simon wore outfits that complimented the red and orange vibes of Valley of Fire. Jenny’s black t-shirt and jeans popped against the warm tones of the rocks, and Simon’s burgundy shirt and blue jeans matched the tones of the reds that can be found throughout the valley. 

holding hands in death valley

What You Should Wear and Why

  1. Choose solids and avoid busy patterns!

Clothing that doesn’t have patterns always photographs better in my opinion. Patterns can create strange wavy patterns in camera that can distort your photos. So avoiding fine-line stripes, or small patterns like polka dots is suggested. 

You will want to stay away from logos to help keep your look timeless, and you don’t want to look like you are an advertisement for their company either! For example, logos such as Hollister, Polo, or Abercrombie. 

However, graphic tees – like band-t-shirts with big lettering + patterns – photograph well. Plus I love a good grunge vibe! You can always send me a photo of your engagement outfit ideas ahead of time so I can let you know if I think they will look good. 

  1. Wear what makes you comfortable 

If you wear something that makes you uncomfortable that will come across in your photos, you definitely want to avoid wearing something that doesn’t feel like you or doesn’t fit you properly. I always recommend trying on your outfits a few weeks in advance to make sure you don’t need something from the store. . There is nothing worse than having to try and find an outfit last minute! 

  1. Pick complementary colors

Okay, we are going to take it back to elementary school for a second! Do you remember the color wheel? Well if you don’t – complementary colors are the opposite colors on the color-wheel. For example, blue-orange, yellow-purple, red-green. To make it even simpler, you can just opt for wearing cool colors if your background has warmer tones or warm-tones if your background has cooler colors in it. 

  1. Accessorize 

Accessories always make for fun little extra details to be captured during your photoshoot. I thought it was really cool that Jenny wore a flat-brim hat for a few of the photos. She also wore a simple gold necklace and watch! Adding these little details can really help to pull your whole look together! 

  1. You want to coordinate not match!

You want to choose a color palette for your outfits, if you both choose a dominant color within the color palette you will “match” very well without being twins! And if all else fails you can never go wrong with one of you wearing black and the other wearing white! 

couple exploring valley of fire during engagement session

My Favorite Places to Buy Engagement Photoshoot Outfits

  1. Altar’d State
  2. Urban Outfitters
  3. ASOS
  4. Zara
  5. Anthropologie
  6. Free People
  7. Tilly’s
  8. PacSun
  9. H&M
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How to Prepare for your Session

It is important to prepare for your engagement session so that you have the best results in your photos! We are all a little nervous when it comes to getting our photo taken, so preparing beforehand can help you relax. When you know exactly how to prepare it allows you not to forget anything which will help ease the stress. So here are three tips on how you can prepare for your session to make it extra special and stress-free:

  1. Pack a Bag the Night Before! 

Make sure to pack everything you plan on bringing to your shoot the night before so you aren’t rushing around looking for everything 5 minutes before you have to leave! This will also help to make sure that you don’t forget anything because you can double check it the morning of your session! 

  • Extra outfits 
  • Comfy shoes for walking between locations
  • Makeup 
  • Water / Snacks
  • Sweater or Jacket 
  • Cash for parking
  • Props (champagne, blanket, signs,etc.)
  1. Eat, Drink and Sleep!

Make sure the night before and the day of your session you eat full hearty meals, drink plenty of water and get good sleep. It’s important that you have energy for your session as you want to be laughing, kissing, and having a good time! If you are anything like me you don’t want to be hangry for your session! 

Cute couple being playful together in the desert

Still need a little extra help with Engagement Photoshoot Outfit Ideas?

Feel free to reach out! I would be happy to help you figure out the perfect look for your session.

And better yet if you want me to photograph your session fill out this form here and we can get started! 

Check out Simon and Jenny’s full engagement session here for more engagement photoshoot outfit inspiration! 

couples engagement session in valley of fire