Anniversary Photoshoot at Rise Festival Las Vegas | Nevada Elopement Photographer

The Rise Festival Las Vegas event was one for the books! I will say this was one of the most exciting anniversary photoshoots I have ever had the chance to experience. My husband and I got to tag along with Donna and Calvin to capture photos of them celebrating 25 years together at the Rise Festival in Las Vegas. 

Capturing Your Love at Rise Festival Las Vegas

Donna and Calvin were such a fun and incredible couple to photograph. They have been married for 25 years, and to celebrate, they planned to come out to Vegas with their kids. Some last-minute changes popped up, and unfortunately, the kids could no longer make it. Well, they had a couple of extra tickets to Rise Festival that they didn’t want to go to waste. So they decided to use those tickets to take a photographer along to document their 25th anniversary! What a brilliant idea!

I am so thankful I not only got to tag along to take some pretty amazing photos of them, but I got to bring my husband, and the four of us had a blast. They were so much fun, and the photoshoot presented a truly unique experience. There’s nothing I love more than capturing a couple doing something they love or experiencing something genuinely amazing and being able to capture those special moments.

Experiencing Rise Festival Las Vegas

For this photoshoot, we made our way out to the Mojave Desert, just outside Las Vegas, to experience Rise Festival Las Vegas. The Rise Festival is an energetic celebration with music, art, food, and drinks with a theme of unity and connecting with friends and loved ones. The festival is a lot of fun, and as the sun sets, the Fire and Lantern ritual is guided by a host to prepare you to release your lantern.

You get to write anything you want, like your dreams, hopes, aspirations, prayers, anything you are thankful for, or memories of people you have lost on the lanterns. Then all at once, you and thousands of people release the lanterns into the night sky! Thousands of illuminated lanterns decorate the sky creating the most incredible backdrop for photos I’ve ever seen. Kidron and I got to participate and release lanterns into the night sky too, which was truly so magical!

A Very Unique Anniversary Photoshoot Experience

This was a unique anniversary photoshoot because we also got to participate in the festivities. We did a quick 30-minute session during the time the sun was setting. Golden hour in the desert is the perfect lighting situation that cannot compare to anywhere else. I took many photos of them releasing the lanterns after the sunset. It was remarkable to photograph such a unique experience for this fun couple. It was emotional, and I could capture their sweet moments as they released their lanterns into the sky.

Becca Cannon Photography | Las Vegas Elopement Photographer

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