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Desert Boho Couple with colorful rock

Valley of Fire in Las Vegas is an incredible location for intimate elopements. So when Brooke and Sal reached out to me looking to have an adventurous desert elopement I knew that Valley of Fire would be the perfect place for them. Brooke was literally a dream bride from the very start, we had talked through so many different options and ended up landing on Valley of Fire and Dry Lake Bed for golden-hour photos!

Rain at Valley of Fire in Las Vegas?

During our initial meeting Brooke and Sal had asked what to do in case of rain, and I responded with “We don’t need a backup plan because it never rains here!” Which it honestly doesn’t! Like, it NEVER rains! Well…we woke-up that morning and it ended up raining for several hours! I was so shocked! It was pretty chilly, drizzly, and cloudy but we still went with the original plan. It was amazing, when we got to Valley of Fire in Las Vegas, the skies had completely cleared and we ended up having bright blue, sunny skies! I always love when my couples just go with the flow– especially when it comes to weather because no matter what the outcome we always get awesome photos!

The Perfect Desert Elopement Couple

The day was incredible and the colors meshed so well with what Sal wore. Sal showed up in an AMAZING burnt orange/red suit that he had gotten custom made on Etsy. It was the perfect elopement suit, light-weight and comfortable for how hot the desert can get. And it was so cute because his suit matched her sparkly tassel dress and dried bouquet perfectly. Sal and Brooke’s elopement details had the ultimate boho desert elopement vibes! 

Our Best Shot at Hitch-Hiking

One of my favorite memories of the day was when we tried to hitch-hike back to the parking lot! No one picked us up but we had so much fun taking photos on the road! A lot of people that drove by honked and waved in congratulations – but I guess they didn’t think we actually needed a ride!!

An Amazing End to Brooke and Sal’s Desert Elopement

Brooke and Sal definitely were able to create a unique desert elopement experience and I just loved it. Their day was so natural, and it wasn’t just a quick photoshoot! They really spent their day diving into the desert elopement experience: hiking, exploring and bringing details to their day that really helped tell the whole story. Having a Valley of Fire in Las Vegas elopement was just such a perfect fit for them and just before their day was coming to a close we headed to Dry Lake Bed for some sunset photos!

Becca Cannon Photography | Las Vegas Elopement Photographer

Are you ready to capture your ultimate desert elopement experience at Valley of Fire in Las Vegas?

Reach out and let’s talk about how I can be a part of your desert elopement! I want to help you plan all the amazing details and help you create your colorful and carefree desert elopement dreams full of intimate moments and adventure. If a Valley of Fire in Las Vegas elopement sounds like a great fit for you and your partner contact me here to start chatting all about your elopement vision! 

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