An unfiltered storytelling library of videos going behind the scenes of Becca Cannon’s photos.

What is the Narrative Library?

You'll be subscribing to a library of behind the scenes videos that I've collected in the past as well as new fresh content uploaded every month.

The purpose of this library is to always give you access to HOW you communicate with your clients, WHAT types of poses and prompts to use to get genuine interactions between them, as well as giving you access to the thoughts in my mind to show you exactly how I get the photos in my galleries!

The biggest result this library will give you is CONFIDENCE. I have heard that word over and over from students in my posing course and I know this library of BTS videos will have the exact same effect.

Here's a small 3 minute sample video of what types of videos will be in the Narrative Library!

How the subscription works

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- Sign up and cancel as often as you'd like! I'll keep the Facebook group updated on what videos are coming next, if/when new content will be added, etc...This can help you decide if you want to take breaks from the library or continue watching.

- Join the Facebook Group after you subscribe and get updates on new content

- Watch your confidence grow and your photo sessions improve!

I’ve been on the fence with my photography for longer than I’m going to admit. I have been offering free sessions to countless clients to practice my skills. My photography has always been on point but I lacked confidence and a plan of what I want to do and how to get there. Took Becca’s course, I actually still have a few videos left to complete but my first session since the course, my client cried (happy tears!) while reviewing her album and I got a referral from that session. Confidence level is through the roof now and I am so excited for my next session! Forever grateful for the knowledge shared and the visuals! So helpful and truly changed me for the better! Loved this course and cannot wait for her next one so I can level up!


I have actually worked with couples for years and always struggled to get true genuine emotions out of them. I even gave up doing couples and weddings for a few years because of this. THIS COURSE WAS EVERYTHING!! It gave me the confidence I needed, definitely the shots I was longing for and you can finally FEEL the connection with my couples! My Sessions are now FUN, relaxed and and genuine! This course was a huge game changer for me! Thank you so much!!


BECCAA!! Where to even begin, you truly changed the game for me! I found you through YouTube back in 2019 when I bought my first DSLR camera and watched every video you ever made and when they went off YouTube I was so sad but knew once I was able to I would buy your posing course. They are soooooo helpful and useful I now am a full time wedding and couples photographer and thanks to you I am confident in my posing and prompting to my couples and it's the number one compliment I get from couples is that they feel so natural in front of my camera. I still to this day watch a video before every shoot or session to get fresh ideas and thoughts. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Sammy Jo

 I took a leap and decided to buy Becca's course despite not really wanting to spend too much money. But it really was worth the price! For how much it helped me to feel prepared & comfortable, I would buy the course all over again. I went into my next photoshoot with new ideas and feeling more confident. No more stiff looking subjects! Lots more movement and PLAY. My clients left the photoshoot BEAMING and giddy for having basically been encouraged to "play" for an entire hour. Highly recommended!


I’ve been following Becca on social medias since I first started in photography last year and I always loved her content and her photos, this year I decided to invest on my business and improve my photography skills, Becca’s course was on the top of my list of courses I would like to do and man oh man it was the best decision!! I’ve learned so much and it’s been helping me a lot not only with the photos itself but also with my relationship with my clients, I am very grateful for Becca for sharing everything she knows and helping us grow! One of my favorite things about this course is the amount of behind the scenes she is sharing with us, it actually helped me a lot on the last wedding I photographed, I always get nervous about dealing with the clients on the shoot, posing them and making them comfortable and watching Becca in action was a game changer! Extremely recommend this course!


 Im so thankful I found Becca!!!! This has been so far the best photography course EVEEER!!! she is wonderful ! She is a beast! I’m her new #1 fan! The pose course it’s so fun! I’m looking forward to practice all that I’m learning !


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