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A mentor session is a chance for you to learn EVERYTHING from me! Everything that I will teach you will be from pure experience. This is such a perfect opportunity to learn YEARS of experience in just one afternoon. You will get such a head start than most beginners who go through the years of trial and error (kind of how I did haha). This will save you so much time and hassle and it’s worth the investment.




QUICK Q/A - 30 MIN CALL - $250

Have a few questions and you just need some quick guidance? This quick 30 minute phone call will be perfect! Write down ALL of your questions that you have from the most important to the least important and we'll rapid fire the questions you have! 

The mini dive will be perfect if there are 1 or 2 very specific topics you are wanting to dive deeper into! If you are struggling with  your editing, posing, need help with creative website building, how to run your social media, any of these topics can be covered in a mini dive! I recommend picking your top 3 topics that you want to dive deeper into ranking them from the most important to the least. I can't guarantee we can cover all of them but we'll start with the first one that's most important and dive deeper. If we have time then we'll continue on to 2 and 3 on your list!

If you need a major jump start to your biz then this will be the perfect way to get it going! During our deep dive call we can go in depth and detail of every topic you need help with! From editing, camera settings, lighting, posing, client relationships, how to get more bookings, instagram/social media, website review, email copy, shooting weddings, literally all the things! Once our call starts approaching the 3 hour marker then I would suggest we take a pause and reconnect for another meeting on another day to finish up our deep dive! I don't want to burn you out or overload you with information all in one day!

book a session