Couples Wedding Photos – Why You Should do a “Day-After “ Photoshoot

Couple posing for day after couples wedding photos

Carlos and Aliya originally booked me for “day-after” couples wedding photos, but due to unforeseen circumstances, they had to reschedule. I’m so glad they still chose to do their session because just look at how their photos turned out!  

They came all the way from Texas and then we explored this dreamy desert location together. It was perfect with the sunset and mountains in the background. And, if you’re wanting a desert-type of location without the red rocks, then this is for you!

What is a “Day-after” Photoshoot? 

Maybe you’ve heard of “day after” couples’ wedding photos or sessions, or maybe you haven’t. Let’s get into what a “day-after” session is and why you should book one!

A day-after photoshoot is exactly how it sounds, it’s a photoshoot scheduled the day after – or shortly after, your wedding day of you and your new spouse. I personally am all for “day-after” photoshoots, but let’s talk about some of the pros and cons first.

Couple holding hands during day after couples wedding photos

The Pros and Cons | “Day After” Couples Wedding Photos

There are so many pros (in my opinion) to booking a session the day after your wedding and I really want to get into those reasons! If you want to dive deeper into thinking about a day-after session, check out this article by Inside Wedding and their take on “day-after” sessions to see if it’s right for you!


  • You just got married and are just smitten with your new spouse
  • You get to put your wedding clothes back on and get more photos! 
  • You’re more relaxed than you would be on your wedding day and it truly shows in your photos! 
  • You get to experience a fun adventure with your new spouse and capture memories that will last a lifetime! 


You have to book another session, BUT this gives you the opportunity to get even more photos with your new spouse. So, I think it’s absolutely worth it! Some photographers even have this as an “add-on” to their wedding packages! Other than having another shoot, I can’t think of any other cons to capturing more memories of you and your spouse.

Bride and groom in the desert during  day after couples wedding photos
Couple posing for day after couples wedding photos

Becca Cannon Photography | Adventurous Elopement Photographer 

So, are you ready to book your “day after” shoot and get some dreamy couples wedding photos? I definitely recommend a dreamy location like the desert! If you’re ready and looking for an adventurous photographer who is ready to scope out locations with you, then I’m up to the task! You can learn more about me here and if you like what you see, go ahead and fill out my contact form! Can’t wait to chat with you more.

Client Love From Aliya and Carlos:

“Where do I even begin? I am 10000000000% satisfied with how these pictures turned out. Becca has amazing customer service and has even better communication skills. My now husband had an incident after our wedding and we had to reschedule our shoot for the following day. Becca was more than willing to work with us and was very flexible in rescheduling our date. Since we flew in from out of town, it was a little complicated to fly back but Becca was more than willing to help in any way possible. I’m so glad we did reschedule though because the results we got were jaw dropping. Not one picture in the entire album is terrible and we will honestly cherish these pictures for the rest of our lives. I am truly thankful for these memories that you helped us create and hope to show our children how beautiful ‘mommy and daddy were on their wedding day’! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!”

Bride and groom post wedding session in the desert

Check out more of Aliya and Carlos’s dreamy day-after couple’s wedding photos below!  

detail photo of bridal boquet and wedding dress during adventure photo session
adventure elopement couples posing like hitchhikers during day after photo shoot
Couple posing on vacant road in the desert during adventure elopement session
Couple posing during day after couples wedding photos in the desert
Couple running down the road and holding hands during post wedding day session
Couple posing during  day after couples wedding photos in the desert