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Couple kissing on a dock over a lake in the PNW

The PNW is a gorgeous location for couples who are looking for moody forests, lakes, mountains, and really any type of scenery you can think of. This region of the west is one of my favorite destinations to shoot in. For couples who absolutely want outdoor engagement photos and variety in their final gallery – I can’t recommend the PNW enough.

engaged couple kissing in a field in the PNW

About the PNW

The PNW is located in well, the Pacific Northwest and is bound by coastal waters from the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains to the East. This region is made up of British Colombia, Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Additionally, what makes the PNW unique is that it has a diverse climate and culture. There are several national parks and trails making it a nature-lovers nirvana.

Fiancee wrapping her arms around her boyfriend in front of a lake in the PNW with mountains silhouetted in the  background

Why You Should Take Engagement Photos in the PNW?

The PNW is filled with such a variety of landscapes, there is something for everyone to love here. There are beaches, rivers, fields, mountains, waterfalls, deserts, and forests. Overall, having all of these options to you can create a unique experience for you and your partner. Starting this next chapter in your lives with an adventure in the PNW is exciting and memorable.

Additionally, the PNW has beautiful cities that can make for some really stunning urban photos as well. The architecture, museums, wharfs, and small-businesses can be interesting for your engagement session too. How cool would it be to grab an ice cream and head-out onto a ferry to watch the sea lions for your engagement session?

girl sitting on fiances lap

Did You Know?

While Oregon is generally pretty temperate it does technically have all four seasons. And each season brings a different quality to the region.

Summer: If you love golden hour and want to be able to hike to remote locations this is the time to visit. Summer in the PNW comes with colorful mountain views and lush forests.

Fall: The Fall in the PNW brings cooler weather and fall colors making it one of the best times of year to visit. The crowds start to thin out and the sun sticks around to light up the warm colors of the fall foliage.

Winter: While many people think of the PNW having gray skies and the never-ending stream of rain – the winter can actually be fairly mild given the PNW’s sheer geographical diversity. The winter also brings fewer crowds so if you like privacy and enjoy winter sports maybe this is the right time for you to visit?

Spring: Spring in the PNW is one of my favorite times to visit this region. It means wildflowers and overflowing waterfalls! The days are getting longer and the winter cold is starting to disappear.

fiancee sitting on her fiance's lap in a PNW forest

Scared of the Rain?

Many people who think of the PNW, think of rain. However, there are so many ways you can still have a fun and epic photoshoot in the rain! And if you love moody vibes the PNW is the ultimate provider. My best advice is to embrace it and remember what it was like to be a kid playing in it! Also, being prepared is key to be comfortable and warm. So make sure to prep ahead of time and you should be good to go!

Rainy Day Packing List:

  • Clear Umbrellas
  • Rainboots
  • Raincoat
couple standing on a rock in front of the lake with the mountains in the background
couple forehead to forehead standing in a meadow
couple walking through a forest in the PNW

Ready to Take your Engagement Photos in the PNW?

I want to help you find the perfect location in the PNW for your engagement session. Let’s explore the forests, mountains or beaches and create an engagement session worth bragging about! Reach out here to get started.

couple walking down a wooden walkway through the forest in the PNW