Top 3 Ways to Make your Couples Comfortable during their Photoshoot

engaged couple with girlfriend on fiances shoulders in the desert

When anyone steps in front of the camera they are likely to feel nervous. It isn’t everyday that we have to be the center of attention and step in front of the camera. It’s our job as photographers to make our clients feel as comfortable as possible. There are several ways to do this , but I am ready to share my top 3 tips with all of you.

couple standing in the desert with the foreheads touching during their engagement session

Get to Know Them Beforehand

Communication is key in any relationship, so putting forth the effort to chat with your couples before their session is incredibly important to building a rapport with them. I like to jump on a phone call, zoom or meet in person beforehand to learn more about them as a couple. This helps me see how they interact, talk to each other and get an overall feel of their relationship. This also really sets the stage for the rest of the time you will be working together.

It’s really hard to learn what a couple is like if your only source of communication is through email or text. So get that extra mile and see if you can schedule them for one of the other means of communications I listed above.

If you have strong communications skills and are invested in your client communication, I promise it will elevate their experience working with you.

boyfriend hugging his girl friend from behind in the desert

Be the Expert

I would say most people who reach out to schedule a session probably have never had professional photos taken before. And for many of these people it can be nerve-wracking and stressful. That’s why you need to have a streamlined workflow and be familiar with what to suggest to your clients. You want to create a sense of expertise.

If you can help walk them through the process and take that stress off their shoulders. If you help them plan and prepare properly they will be a lot more relaxed on the day of their session.

You can show expertise my being the first to suggest locations, meeting times, outfit idea, carpooling, etc. This helps to ensure that you are taking charge and taking away any anxieties they may have about planning.

couple standing in the desert holding hands during their engagement session

The Day-of

Before the session take 10-15 minutes before you start shooting to chat with your couple. This will help them open up so much more for the session!

I like to let them know what to expect during the session, give them insight on how you shoot, how you will be directing them, what you’re looking for, what you’d like to see from them throughout the session.

This helps to mentally prepare your clients so they don’t feel surprised or taken aback by any prompts or poses you might through out to them.

engaged couple walking through the field in the desert with mountains in the background

Give your Clients a Confidence Boost

This one is HUGE for all my couples. At almost every session I’ve had couples tell me how much they love my positive energy, it makes them feel like supermodels. Even though the positive energy is all natural for me, I love that they vibe with it! So consistently encouraging your couples that they are doing a great job, telling them they look amazing, and overall getting excited for how they are doing during the session is a great confidence booster for them!

fiance holding his girlfriends chin tilting it up to his face and smiling

Final Thoughts

Making your clients comfortable before and during their session is essentially to creating a five-star experience for them. You want to do everything in your power to properly prepare for their session and get to know them. It’s important to be able to connect with them so that you can get the best results during their session. This can really help draw out candid emotions.

fiance picking his girlfriend up and kissing her during golden hour in the desert
couple holding hands with mountains in the background in the desert with trees
engaged couple swinging each other around in the desert
couple standing shoulder to shoulder holding hands and looking in different directions while standing in the desert

Are you looking for a photographer to connect with?

I’d love to help you prepare for your session and chat about how I can help you! My goal is to make this process as stress-free as possible and create genuine relationships. This should be an experience not a transaction, so let’s be friends! Reach out here to get started.

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