Climbing to Mt. Everest Base Camp | My Trek to the Top of the World!

Yep, you have read that right! I am traveling to Nepal and climbing to Mt. Everest Base Camp. I cannot believe I’m even getting to write this post for you guys. Even as I’m writing it it’s still pretty unbelievable!

I will be doing a 2 week trek up to Everest Base Camp! Ommmgggg I can’t believe it…I know it’s so crazy! In total, I’ll be gone for 3 weeks. Starting from September 9 – October 1, 2022. I will be completely off the grid for those 3 weeks— in case you’re trying to get a hold of me!

Why are you Climbing to Mt. Everest Base Camp?

So you might be wondering why the heck I’m doing this?! My love for adventure and being in the mountains increases every day. I can’t get enough of the outdoors, watching the stars, getting my hands dirty, standing on a mountain top and feeling like the smallest thing in the world. I get an overwhelming sense of wonder when I get to spend my time just living in the moment in nature. Breathing in the fresh air and disconnecting from the rest of the world.

Climbing to Mt. Everest (2) Girl in the desert dressed in boho looking up at the sky

My Inspiration

Back in January I watched the amazing documentary about Nims Purja, 14 Peaks! It was honestly so inspiring (highly recommend watching it)! Even though I’m definitely not going to be going as hard as he did (omg I would die!) I do want to push myself further than I’ve ever gone before. I want to to see the tallest mountain in the world with my own eyes.

Being so inspired and getting a big push from my brother (who has done this trek before about 10 years ago), I decided “why not?” So I’m making the trip with my sister-in-law and we’re just gonna go for it!

I have this desire to constantly push myself further and deeper than I’ve ever been before. I want to see and live and experience the world. Even though fear, doubt, and anxiety are constantly on my shoulders, I can’t let those things hold me back and I just want to inspire you to go out and try something you never thought you would have before!

About the Climb

This is a 12 day backpacking trip. It will take 8 days to reach base camp and 4 days to hike back down. We start in a small town called Lukla and as soon as we step off the plane we start hiking up!

Every day we will end at a new mountain village where we will get to sleep in a little tea house. Here we will be provided with food and shelter. Everything else that we need on the trip we’ll be carrying ourselves.

We will be starting at 9,000ft and end around 17,000 ft. I have no idea how I will handle the elevation, I think this is one of the scariest parts for me. However, I am excited to have an adventure of a life time and see how far I can really go.

So if you happen to be reading this while I’m on my trip, please send some good vibes my way! I will need all the encouragement and positivity that I can get.