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Desert elopement couple with plants in the corner of the landscape

If you want to elope in Nevada but the Vegas strip isn’t calling your name, don’t worry! There are so many unique places to elope nearby that make for incredible backdrops. And honestly, I prefer getting out of the city and finding those secret locations that get you away from the crowds. Choosing a location that is outside of the city allows you and your partner to celebrate in a more intimate way. So without further ado, here are some of my favorite elopement spots around Nevada that are conveniently located outside of Las Vegas.

Couple during elopement for unique places to elope

Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire is one of my favorite places to photograph couples and is only about an hour away from the strip. The Valley of Fire is a state park with tons of beautiful locations of red, white, pink, and yellow rocks. The park is made up of 40,000 acres, making it an endless adventure! There is so much to see and explore.

Additionally, if you want to make a weekend out of it, there are several campgrounds in the park. So if you are feeling adventurous you might want to book a stay! Camping can make for some really incredible photos and even extending your shoot into the night can be a great opportunity for stargazing and getting photos among the stars.

Couple posing for elopement photos in The Valley of Fire

Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon is conveniently located about 35 minutes from the Las Vegas strip. Which is appealing to many couples who are choosing to elope in Nevada. Red Rock Canyon is located in Nevada’s Mojave Desert which spans over 30 million acres.

Red Rock Canyon features towering sandstone peaks and the Keystone Thrust Fault. You can also find Native American petroglyphs. There are several overlooks and viewpoints along the 13-mile drive. There are seasonal waterfalls that can be viewed. Slot-like canyons can be found in Red Rock Canyon, making for some pretty epic photos as well.

Couple posing for elopement photos in Red Rock Canyon for unique places to elope

Mount Charleston | Unique Places To Elope

If you want to escape the heat and the desert sands of Nevada Mt. Charleston is a great option for an elopement if you are wanting more mountain vibes. Mount Charleston is located only about an hour from downtown Vegas. If you are looking for more green you are more likely to find it here too. There’s several pine trees scattered about.

There is a ton of camping, mountain peaks, and even wild horses and donkeys. This is definitely a nature lovers’ paradise.

Couple walking in a field beneath Mt. Charleston

Jean Dry Lake Bed | Unique Places To Elope

Jean Dry Lake Bed is about 30 minutes from the strip and is a wide-open sandy desert. It is the PERFECT location for golden hour and getting super creative. I love a blank canvas and a dry lake bed is the best clean slate.

There is so much space to move around and have fun. Because of this, this location for incredible candid photos that have a lot of movement in them. One of the perks of this location is that you can drive your vehicle, ATV, dirt bike, or motorcycle right onto it. If you’re wanting Burning Man vibes for your shoot, this is the location!

Couple posing at Jean Dry Lake Bed for photoshoot

Nellis Sand Dunes | Unique Places To Elope

The Nellis Sand Dunes are just outside of Las Vegas, maybe about a 30-minute drive! They are a little tricky to get to and can be really hard to find if you don’t know where you’re going. You can’t see the sand dunes from the road, you have to drive through a large rocky, and bumpy area! There are also no marked roads, and it is a little intimidating to reach if you don’t have a 4WD vehicle!

You also need to be very careful of all of the ATVs driving around this area! Because this location is a hotspot for ATVs, they can come around the corner or over the hill right at you in your blind spot, so be careful! With an experienced photographer like me, you’ll get the perfect shot and a bumpy ride is guaranteed!

The sand dunes themselves change and shift quickly every day so you almost never get the same-looking
dunes. This can make each couple’s session super unique and make the location look different every time!
I love this spot because it’s such a hidden gem and is especially perfect for the adventurous couple who
want a wild ride and are looking for unique places to elope! It’s also perfect for any couple wanting to do an adventurous ATV photo session! Think burning man vibes!

Mojave Desert

Another fun desert location when you’re looking for unique places to elope would be the Mojave Desert! The views of the mountains make this location absolutely breathtaking. The Mojave is actually considered one of the driest deserts in the United States!

Eloping in the desert is so freeing because there is SO MUCH wide-open, untouched desert to choose from! You might drive through the desert during the day and think it doesn’t look like anything special, but once the sun starts to set, it lights up the whole desert in an array of warm colors, it’s so magical!

Finding any spot out in the desert where you can pull over and get all of the Joshua trees and mountain views can make it even better around golden hour, because who does love a good golden-hour photoshoot? I know I do!

Couple taking elopement photos in the Mojave desert

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