Rainy Elopement Photos in Boulder Colorado

We couldn’t have planned for the downpour we experienced during these rainy elopement photos we got in Boulder, Colorado! The three of us met up near a river in Boulder to capture some intimate moments in the lush, green foothills. As Daniel and Chloe were getting ready, there were some darker clouds above and we expected it to rain a little, but nothing like what we experienced!

Van Life Colorado Elopement

Campervan Elopement in Boulder Colorado

Even though Daniel and Chloe had a more traditional ceremony just a few weeks before this, we decided to take round two with more intimate photos. I’m so glad they brought their campervan along too! Daniel built this campervan himself so it was a really special moment to be able to capture them getting ready in their van when they’ve already made so many amazing memories here!

Campervan Colorado Elopement

We took our time wandering through the fields and exploring the bank of the river, staying dry and having a great time! Chloe mentioned jumping in the river at the end of the session to make the most of our time together. But the rain drops started rolling in and we all got soaked regardless!

We found some tree cover to see if the rain would slow down enough to get back out there, but instead of slowing down the rain just came thick and heavy with no break in sight. So after huddling under the umbrella, we all decided to just go for it! Daniel and Chloe ran out from under the umbrella and we just started running around and shooting like crazy.

How to Prepare for a Rainy Elopement

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting our session to turn into a downpour! The rain came fast and caught me a little off guard. If I was going to give some advice for myself for the future this is what I’d say.

Bring a:

Rain Jacket/Poncho


Multiple umbrellas

Plastic bags for cameras

Double check that all car windows are rolled up!

After dancing in the rain, getting completely muddy and soaking wet, jumping in the river, and relishing in the joy of feeling like kids again, we decided it was time to find the shelter of our vehicles and start drying off. Unfortunately, we had soaked the insides of our vehicles by leaving the windows open! Not only that, but the roads and parking lot were starting to flood. It ended up being a little chaotic, but SO WORTH IT. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I’d love to start requesting rain for more of my elopement photos if it were possible!

I can’t exactly guarantee a dreamy rainy elopement like this, but I’d LOVE to capture it! We can always head to a waterfall in Hawaii or Oregon and turn it into a whole adventure! Contacting me is a great place to start your elopement planning process. I’ll help you brainstorm and get more insight on what vibe you like best. Reach out through my contact form and let’s start planning your rainy elopement.

Flowers: Artemis Flower Farm