Jeep Adventure Engagement Shoot

Jeep Adventure Engagement Shoot

Want to turn a simple engagement session into a Jeep adventure engagement photo shoot? Ever thought about an off roading adventure in your jeep to make your engagement photos memorable? Cassidy and Colten love to take their jeep on all kinds of adventures and document their time together on their own YouTube series! I thought that this would be the BEST way to capture their connection together is by incorporating something they love (plus I got a pretty dope ride out of it!)

Sand Dunes Engagement Session

Off-Roading Jeep Adventure Engagement Photo Shoot in the Sand Dunes

I’ve never been Jeeping in the sand dunes like this, so getting to ride with these two was so fun! We explored parts of the sand dunes outside of Las Vegas that I never thought I’d get to see up close. Doing donuts in the Jeep, avoiding other riders, and gliding through the sand all made it a really unique experience! We ended up with sand in all crevices in our bodies but in the end it was so worth the adventure and these are some of my favorite photos to date! All because we were able to incorporate something the two of them LOVED to do together and I could tell they were in their element.

Sand Dunes Adventure Photo Shoot


Hiring a photographer to snap a few photos for your save the dates can be an easy check off the wedding to-do list. But have you ever thought about taking it a step further and incorporating an activity or adventure that the two of you bonded over? Being in front of the camera is not everyone’s cup of tea, so setting up an adventure that the two of you love to do together is an amazing way to be in your comfort zone to make the photos feel more effortless. You get to introduce your photographer into YOUR territory and show them something that you love and feel comfortable with.

Feeling the obligation of a photo session is the perfect time and excuse to incorporate an adventure as well! If you have to get the photos just to check off the item from your wedding checklist OR if you’re truly wanting to just document your love together, then planning an adventure into the photo session is a no brainer!

Jeep Adventure Engagement Shoot
Jeep Photo Shoot

What type of adventure should you do for your engagement photos?

That’s something that you and your partner should brainstorm! If you’re really outdoorsy like me, you could pick from so many different fun activities! Something that I LOVE is purely going out in nature and taking a hike. Find a location that you love (could be a destination somewhere) and plan an epic hike with incredible views for your session!

Other activities could be

  • Rock Climbing
  • Kayaking/Canoeing/Boating
  • Roller Skating
  • Horseback Riding
  • ATVs
  • Riding Bikes
  • Setting up a picnic
  • Swimming/Cliff Jumping
  • Surfing
  • Snowboarding/Skiing
Moody Jeep Engagement Session
Grunge Sand Dunes Engagement Session

Becca Cannon Photography | Jeep Adventure Engagement Photo Shoot

I had such a blast getting to create incredible memories with Cass and Colten! Shoots like this are a dream come true for me and I’m always thrilled to get to ride along side all my couples to do what THEY love to do! Taking the time to put together an adventure that speaks to your soul is so worth it so that you get the moments and memories captured that actually mean something to you!

Off Roading Engagement Shoot

If you and your partner have an activity that you love to do together, then let’s incorporate it! Why not?! Let’s turn a stale photo shoot in a field into a Jeep adventure engagement photo shoot of a lifetime! Send me a message and let’s get started!