Laguna Beach Family Photos At Victoria Beach

Laguna Beach Family Photos At Victoria Beach

This little family session in Laguna Beach was so soul fulfilling! Ashleigh is a photographer on the side and once she saw I was going to be in the Laguna area she reached out to ask if I would do a family session for her and her family. I don’t usually do a lot of family sessions, but this one was SO fun! I didn’t know what to expect since I was meeting all three of them for the first time during the session.

Sunny Laguna Beach Family Photos

Ashleigh was so energetic and full of life and excitement about the photos. Plus the way she interacted with her kids made it even more fun! I explained to them that I will help prompt and direct through the session but I want them to run wild and free and don’t feel like it has to be a controlled photo session.

Becca Cannon Adventure Photographer

Mason was such a sweetie! I loved seeing how he loved on his mom and was willing to be goofy with the
girls. I think Harper is the spitting image of myself at that age! She is a very adventurous and independent girl, running around all over the rocks and beach, finding shells, climbing on anything she could find! The most adventurous spirit!

Capturing Authentic & Fun Family Photos

I let the three of them run wild as I gave them activities to do like playing tag, tackling each other, running at me, kicking the water in the ocean, climbing over rocks, jumping and tackling their mom, lots of hugs and kisses! It was such a fun session and I’d love to do more family sessions like this!

Victoria Beach In Southern California

If you are starting to brain storm your next family session, I highly recommend Victoria Beach in Orange County, California! It is just a few minutes away from Laguna’s main beach and is STUNNING! I love scheduling these sessions closer to sunset so we capture some photos with lots of sun but also get those golden hour shots. Victoria beach also has an old lighthouse that adds a super unique touch to the background of your beach photos. Plus, lots of rocks to play on!

Ready to Plan Your Laguna Beach Family Photo Session?

I absolutely loved capturing this gorgeous family photo session at such a breathtaking location. If you are ready to capture some incredible memories with your family in Laguna Beach, reach out to me here. Let’s get to planning!