Valley of Fire State Park Unique Elopement Ideas

Are you looking for unique elopement ideas? This quirky couple got married in Las Vegas after years of a long-distance relationship! Carly is from New Jersey and Ross is from England. They have been patiently waiting for over 5 years to finally be able to start their lives together in the same city! Ross is an extremely talented tattoo artist, which might explain their unique style choice for their elopement, making it unlike any other celebration I’ve been a part of. Despite the hot desert weather, they managed to pull off a cool elopement ceremony! If you’re considering eloping, this couple’s story is definitely one to inspire you.

A Special to You Style

The style of your elopement is completely up to you! That is the best part about choosing an elopement for you and your partner! You don’t have to please anyone but yourselves when it comes to your unique day. Carly and Ross’s story is the perfect example of an elopement done right. If you’re looking for some elopement inspiration, look no further than this inspiring couple!

The Dream Team for Your Unique Elopement Ideas

I will be there to help support you along the way! This may be your first elopement but it is not mine! I’m more than just a photographer, I will help you plan locations, help with inspiration, bring essentials that you may need but might not think about. For Carly and Ross’s elopement, I came super prepared with tons of water and sunscreen for everyone so it turned out great! I spent the afternoon photographing them at Valley of Fire State Park, then we headed back towards Vegas and hit up In-n-Out and then ended up at the Bellagio for a few more photos. I’m getting into the habit of being the chauffer for couples which has been really fun! Again, I’m here to help create an incredible experience!

Skip the Traditional Route

Eloping doesn’t have to be a spur of the moment decision either! This couple planned their elopement while waiting around for Ross’s visa to be approved. If you’re thinking about eloping, take some time to plan out all of the details so that everything goes smoothly on your big day! Think about how you can make it special and unique to you! Skip the traditional wedding to please family members and focus on you and your love story and what truly makes you happy! If you want to go to In-N-Out, let’s go to In-N-Out! Whatever you can dream up, we can make a plan to make it happen! Let’s get dreaming!

Becca Cannon Photography | Las Vegas Elopement Photographer

Are Unique Elopement Ideas Calling Your Name?

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