Adventurous Bridal Session in Colorado

Have you ever considered doing an adventurous bridal session in Colorado after your wedding?! You might be thinking, “It’s just an extra cost”, “I don’t see the point”, “We’ll get plenty of photos on our wedding day so why bother”, or “It’s not as special if it’s not on our wedding day.”

I’ve heard it all and I’m going to blow your mind with reasons why doing an adventurous bridal session with your boo in Colorado, after your big day is over, is an incredible and memorable experience that you don’t want to miss out on!

Adventurous Bridal Session in Colorado

The pressure is OFF when doing a day after adventure session

That’s right! The pressure is OFF if we get a whole other day to photograph the two of you! A wedding day is so fast and limited with time! From friends, family, vendors, wedding planners, and each event that’s scheduled for the day, you’re just being pulled in a million different directions. In the midst of the chaos, we want to get beautiful photos and moments captured of the two of you and what your relationship truly looks like! WHEW that’s a lot of pressure for you and me!

If photos of you and your boo are some of the most important photos you want to take to remember this time in your life when you are so in love, then let’s make it FUN! Not stressful, full of pressure, or time sensitive. That’s why having an entire day after your wedding to do an adventurous bridal session is such an amazing option! It’s a day where there is no structure, no pressure, and no one is telling you that we’re behind schedule! We have the whole day and we can go somewhere epic to have an adventure and capture true intimate and emotional moments when all the outside noise quiets down. 

Adventurous Bridal Session in Colorado

Get dressed up all over again

You only wear your dress ONCE! Let’s take advantage of such a beautiful gown and show it off to mother nature! Plus I’m sure your hubby would love to see you wear that dress everyday! Doing an adventurous session in Colorado after your wedding day is the perfect excuse to put your wedding dress back on! Let’s not waste it!

Adventurous Bridal Session in Colorado

These moments are just as meaningful as if it was your wedding day

I know a big thought in your head is, “it won’t be as special if the photos weren’t taken on the day itself.” I thought the same thing too! But now I see so much MORE value in these moments when taken on another day. Because on another day, you don’t have all the vendors, guests, family, and wedding party waiting for you.

It’s just you and your new husband or wife. You get to fully focus on each other. No distractions, no rush, no one else. Just the two of you. You can read your vows to each other one more time in the quiet of the mountains. You get to reminisce how amazing your wedding day really was and soak in the moments with each other. A day like this can be so surreal and memorable to start your lives together. The wedding day is extremely meaningful and a day like this can also be.

Adventurous Bridal Session in Colorado

It doesn’t cost extra to book a day after adventure bridal session

Every photographer is different, but I want to tell you that with me, an adventurous bridal session like this doesn’t cost extra! You can split up your hours of coverage between days for this reason! So if you wanted to book 8 hours with me for your wedding, well then you can use 6 of those on the day of and 2 for the adventure session! I did it this way so you don’t have to pick and choose or sacrifice something you really want! You can have everything I said above and it DOESN’T COST EXTRA!

Adventurous Bridal Session in Colorado

If this sounds like something you would LOVE to do then I’d love to hear from you! I would love to talk more with you about the endless possibilities of what your wedding day could look like! I’m all about making it smooth, stress free, and FUN! CONTACT ME HERE

If you’d like some inspiration of what a day like this could look like for you, here’s some inspiration! THIS COULD BE YOU!! >>> CLICK HERE

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Adventurous Bridal Session in Colorado
Adventurous Bridal Session in Colorado



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