Colorado Adventure Session | Great Sand Dunes National Park

Colorado Adventure session at Great Sand Dunes National Park?! Yes please!!!

This couples session was THE DEFINITION of an adventure. Literally: “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.” If you have ever been to a sandy place (like, hmm SAND dunes??) then you know that when it’s windy things get C R A Z Y. I’m still finding grains of sand around me and in my car to this day. And y’all, if you do this don’t forget to give your camera a good cleaning afterwards too!

But really, this whole day was such an incredible experience. We drove through the mountains (basically in a blizzard) then showed up at the Great Sand Dunes National Park for a sunset shoot with Joanna and David. Driving from snow covered mountains into the Sahara-like desert landscape was such a surreal moment. Colorado never ceases to amaze me with all of its diversity in beauty. SO many incredible places to explore, and take photos. My photographer brain is always on and I’m constantly making lists of AMAZING locations for photoshoots!

Joanna and David came from out of state for a Colorado road trip, and I’m so glad our paths crossed so we could capture these fun and wild moments amidst their adventure! I HIGHLY recommend taking an extended adventure with your babe – and include a photo session along the way! It can be a great way to make your engagement session a fun vacay instead of a boring task. (Although it NEVER is when you shoot with me!!) 

Let’s go on an adventure!

If you’re looking for gorgeous and epic photoshoot locations and rad time with your boo, reach out and let’s start planning your dream date! Elopement, engagement, adventure: I am your go to gal here in Colorado (and worldwide of course!) Whether it’s at the Great Sand Dunes or the Rocky Mountains; I have been compiling lists of AMAZING locations for all of my clients. This Colorado Photographer is ready and prepared – so let’s go adventure!

Adventure session photoshoot: couple in Colorado sand dunes photoshoot

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