My preset packs are focused on skin tone and overall warmth of an image while still keeping the true colors. If you're struggling getting that solid consistency in your editing then this preset pack is the way to go!

Get consistent in your editing


How to use a Preset

The misconception behind presets is that it's a one click solution to editing your photos and that's not the case! So I wanted to give a little insight behind what a preset is and how to use it before you dive into purchasing!

As a photographer, I have my own style in how I shoot, what settings I use, what type of lighting I prefer, what color profile on my camera I use, whether or not I shoot in Kelvin or auto white balance, what camera body and lens I use, etc...There are sooooo many different variables when shooting right?! So just in saying that, it's impossible to create a preset that instantly works perfectly for every single photographer out there when we all have very different shooting styles!

When I create a preset, I think of it as the base edit for my photos. I think of what I tweak the most in editing and save a preset for each type of lighting situation that best fits what I'm working with. 

You should do the same when editing with a preset! Never think of a preset as a one click solution. Apply a preset and start applying the necessary adjustments to get the result you want! After editing a full session or wedding, you'll quickly see what adjustments you're making super frequently to each photo, so my recommendation is to save a NEW preset after you see the pattern in adjustments that you're making!

I say all this because I know so many photographers get discouraged because they think that a preset will fix all of their editing problems, but the truth is you'll still have to put some effort in making those adjustments to fit it to your style of shooting!

and the biggest misconception about presets.

About this Preset Pack

BC PRESET PACK 2.0 and all that's included

...there are 7 presets included in this purchase.
- 1 black and white classic preset
- 1 black and white grain preset
- 4 warm presets
- 1 warm grain preset

If you're still hesitant about purchasing...

...here are a couple things you can do! 1) Join my Facebook group community called "Presets, Prompts, and Poses" to submit your own photos to be edited with these presets. This will give you an amazing idea of what your photos will look like with these presets. Not to mention, it's a great group to be a part of to ask questions and learn from other photographers! 2) Read the reviews! Check out these reviews and several others over on my preset Instagram highlight (@beccacannonpresets) to see what others have said about using these presets!

This pack has 4 of my favorite warm presets that are my absolute go-tos for editing! Your main adjustments when editing with this pack will be your temperature, tint, and exposure settings to get the perfect skin tone and exposure on your photos. There is a lot of warmth and red/orange undertones in the shadows as well as a more contrasted look with darker shadows and soft highlights.

I also have 2 grain presets because I am loving the grain style! You have a black and white grain option as well as a warm color grain.

About the presets

What's Included

Frequently Asked Questions

all your questions answered

1. Do these work on mobile?

I might give you a round about answer, but they should! All your presets from your desktop lightroom should be able to import to your mobile lightroom. I've seen several people import it to their mobile devices, however, I don't use mobile Lightroom so I've never done this myself!

2. Will these presets work with my version of Lightroom?

These preset files are .XMP files! Make sure you're using the most up to date version of lightroom or check that this is the right file type for your lightroom. It should work for all lightroom users as long as your version is up to date.

3. Do you offer refunds?

No. Unfortunately I can't offer refunds because as soon as you purchase, you permanently have access to the files and so I can't offer refunds on the presets.

4. Do you offer discounts?

Yes. Closer to the holidays is when I do the most discounts, so keep an eye out!

5. How do I access the presets?

Once you purchase, you'll be taken to a page where you can download the presets. You'll also be emailed a receipt/confirmation email with a downloadable link to the presets.

6. Do presets work on JPGs?

Technically yes, however, these presets are BEST used when shooting with RAW format photos. RAW formatted images saves a lot more data in each photo which means you are able to more easily change the data that is in the image. JPGs are much smaller and more compressed versions that are not as easily changed.

7. Can I send you a few photos to edit with the preset before I buy?

No. This is not something that I can offer. However, I do have an amazing facebook group you can join where you can post your photos and ask someone in the group to edit with my presets. This will give you an idea of how the presets might look on your photos.

8. Will I get all future preset packs for free if I purchase this one?

No. Each preset pack I create is different than the one before. But keep an eye out around the holidays for discounts.

BC Preset Reviews

kind words from photographers

"I just have to tell you that I'm so surprised that I love your presets as much as I do. I've bought SO many presets over the past 10 years...some good some bad, but there's something about yours I can see myself sticking with for a long time. I keep relooking at my own images and thinking that they are pretty and creamy. There's just something different and special about them that I've never produced with other presets."

"I just bought your presets...I am SO in love. I can't thank you enough! I had kind of gotten into a "funk" with my photography and felt like I was doing the same boring things over and over again. Once I saw your videos and tried some of the ideas it completely changed my photo sessions. I now look forward to every single session and continue to be so proud of the photos afterwards!"

"Becca!! I finally bought your presets and I'm SO HAPPY. They work better for me than any other preset I've had! They are so versatile and I can use them for portraits, couples, and anything! I'm telling all the facebook groups I'm in about your presets whenever they ask which ones to get!"

"Literally speechless at what your presets have done to my photos. I used them on a few sessions along with watching your posing videos and the next thing I knew I'm constantly being booked! Thank you thank you!"

"I can't thank you enough for these presets. I've doubled my weddings since last year since rebranding with your edits. I'm now able to pay for my master's in educational technology with my wedding money. You are a true blessing. Thank you so so so so much!"

Check out these reviews and several others over on my preset Instagram highlight (@beccacannonpresets) to see what others have said about using these presets!

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