I want to make sure I am the one for YOU! And if you're still not sure after diving in, then definitely reach out regardless so I can walk through it with you! I've been doing photography for over 5 years and I have started to really niche down on what I offer! This means I don't offer photography just for anything! Over the years, I've found what I truly LOVE about photography. I'm narrowing in on what I'm most passionate about and giving it my all instead of offering a little bit of everything!

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Adventure Sessions

Something I personally LOVE to do is be outside! Hiking, exploring, traveling, seeing new things! I can't get enough of it! So if you're like me and absolutely love to be outside then let's adventure together! I gravitate towards couples who love nature and love to be outdoors! So if you're looking for an engagement session, anniversary, special occasion, or just a fun shoot with you and your significant other then let's go outside and have a great time together!


If you and your fiance have decided that a big wedding is not for you, you're coming to the right girl! I have soooo much experience capturing those large wedding celebrations and don't get me wrong, those are an amazing way to celebrate with all of your friends and family! But I have definitely found a special place in my heart for seeing two people completely in love, go out to a quiet place early in the morning or right at sunrise and say their vows to each other so only the mountains, birds, and trees can hear. If you're looking to elope but don't quite know where to start then please reach out! I will help you plan it out as well as be there to capture it all!

Intimate Wedding

An intimate wedding is just between elopement and a traditional wedding. This usually looks like 35 people or less, usually your closet family and friends. Get a large airbnb to house everyone for a weekend and turn it into a fun adventure for all! If you don't want your parents and siblings to miss the special moment, then an intimate wedding is the way to go! Take the whole group with you to an incredible place to watch you get married, celebrate with them for the weekend, and then ditch the group to continue on to your honeymoon! Break the traditions and make it your own!

My style is to look for those moments in between poses! I do a lot of fun activities and prompts for you and your boo to do during the photo shoot. And some of the BEST photos I take during the session are right after you finished the prompt! I might tell you to do some of the weirdest or awkward prompts! Partly because it's super fun and gives you a chance to loosen up and have a good time! And then the other part is to create a space and a moment that the two of you will share that is so pure and candid! And those moments, right after you did the prompt, are the most genuine moments when you both are laughing and hugging! Even if your hair is a little messy from the prompt, or maybe because you tripped or just couldn't help laugh at hour ridiculous you each look, those imperfectly posed but truly candid moments are what I'm looking for!

What makes an imperfect picture a perfect one.

being in front of the camera

being in front of the camera

If you're sitting there seeing all these couples on my Instagram and website smiling, laughing, looking so freaking cute, and you're wondering "How the heck do they look so comfortable and natural in front of the camera?!" That could be you and your boo!! Being nervous and feeling a little uncomfortable when first starting a session is super natural! But I'm here to tell you that it is my job and goal to get you guys feeling like your true selves throughout the session!



My goal is to help direct and pose you in a way that feels natural to you both

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