intimate weddings

An intimate wedding is a little bit of adventure mixed in with a little bit of traditional! Sound like you?! Basically it means that you are wanting your close friends and family there to celebrate with you, but you also want the opportunity of making it unique by saying your vows in an epic location!


adventurous elopements

An elopement is extremely intimate with just the 2 of a you and a few friends or family! Ideally less than 10 people total! Sound like you?! Basically it means that you are wanting your close friends and family there to celebrate with you, but you also want the opportunity of making it unique by saying your vows in an epic location!


adventure couples sessions

An adventurous couples session can be for a big life event like celebrating your engagement! But it can also be for capturing moments of you and your partner in remembering this time in your life whether you're already married or dating! How often do you get to have really fun photos taken with a photographer you click super well with?! It's something you might not do every year so why not splurge a little and go on an epic adventure!


We get lost and wrapped up into all the details of wedding planning that we forget what the most important part of the day is. It's about the two of you! It's about your love. Your relationship. Your vows. Your commitment. The joy of bringing the two of you together in a strong bond.

So how do you two want to make this day your own day! Not your family, friends, or guest's day, but YOUR DAY!?

I would start off by sitting down together and throw away everything about the wedding that is causing you stress. Throw things out of the plan that is not something that you specifically wanted. And then make a list of all of your favorite things that the two of you love to do together. List out places, locations, food, and a small list of people who mean the most to the two of you.

This is your start and here are some ideas for you!

Make the day YOURS

If you love to hike, include a hiking trip into your wedding. Just the two of you or include your friends. Take your wedding clothes and let's go on a hiking adventure and capture the moments together

If you love to travel, pick a compltely new destination you've never been OR pick a place that is really special for the two of you. Say your vows in an incredible destination! 

Whether there are mountains or beaches to explore, you could include jeeping, atvs, horseback riding, skydiving, rock climbing, or all of the above on your wedding day! Let's turn the start of your lives together into the most epic life experience!

Do you two love to go camping?! Start your lives by going on a camping trip! if you don't think a photographer would want to come capture that, think again! This would be my dream to come capture moments of your camping trip!

road trip! Take a whole week or two and go explore the west coast, rocky mountains, utah desert, PNW and so much more! There's so much out there to explore so why not rent a campervan and turn your wedding into a week long vacation!





road trip

I know when you think about getting your photos taken, it almost sounds like a chore! Something you have to do cause everyone's doing it and you just need a few photos for your save the dates...

BUT! I want to change your mindset! A photo shoot can really be an entirely different experience! If you like hiking, swimming, riding ATVs, horseback riding, cliff jumping, or like to have fun in any other way, let's incorporate that into a shoot!


My goal is to build a deep enough connection with you to make the most out of our session

Discover the investment

I don't want you both to have to show up and all we do is pose for photos for an hour. I want to give you an experience that is memorable and FUN! Something the two of you share and bond over!

No matter what we do, don't worry! Because even going on a short hike or being out in nature can be an adventure in itself! Regardless of what we do, we'll have so much fun. Just know that I will do my best to make you both feel comfortable and even psyched for your session!

tips for my couples being in front of the camera




I want to give you a heads up! If you do prefer photos that are really poses to get the perfect photo or the perfect smile, then I might not be your photographer! But if you're coming in with the mindset of just coming to have a fun time, then let's do it!

this is about having fun, not to get the perfect photo


it'll be like we're kids again

I need you to be willing to trust me! I will never make you do anything dangerous, but I do ask you to do a lot of things that might remind you of being a kid! Piggy back rides, rolling around in the sand, holding hands and spinning in a circle, running and jumping into each others arms are all things I might have you do!

I will RARELY ask you to smile for me on a session, because my goal is to never have to ask! You will naturally be laughing and smiling the entire time because we'll have so much fun!

That's right! Come feeling as comfortable as you can! We can always make time for formal photos at the end of the session in a beautiful dress. But come to the session in your most favorite outfit!

ripped jeans and graphic tees are the way to my heart

The comfier you are, the more fun we'll have

If you come to the session wearing your favorite leggings, shorts, jeans, tennis shoes, sandals, hoodie, graphic tee, ripped jeans, beanie, whatever it is! Then that is the perfect outfit to come prepared to let loose! We will get the goofiest, happiest, most joyful and fulfilling photos in this type of outfit where the two of you can be super playful and not worry about wardrobe malfunctions!

The biggest reason I recommend arriving in comfier clothes is that we will be able to do soooo much more in an outfit that lets you move around easily. A dress and heels can make it really hard to let loose and warm up in the beginning of the session and my creative freedom will be more limited in what goofy things we can do. So just trust me! I would love to talk this through with you more on what this might look like for you!

what you wear matters! come to the session in your most comfortable clothes

let loose

Discover the investment

My shooting style

all the things you need to know to make sure we're a good fit!

how i edit

The way a photographer edits is one of the first things you might be drawn to without realizing it! Photography is a very visual form of artwork and creativity. Even if you aren't a photographer, you have your own style, colors, and vibe that you're drawn to when looking at photos. If you're on the hunt for a photographer, then you might have made it all the way to my website because you were drawn to my photography style! Yay!

When I edit, I take into consideration all the colors and light that are in the photos. You might see a photo that was taken in a golden hour sunset and a photo that was taken during blue hour (after the sun has set or before it rises) and notice a huge difference in the colors of the image.

My editing style comes from keeping as much of the natural color that is in the photo as possible and then adding my own creative pop to it. I tend to edit more on a warmer side and I focus so much on on the skin tones of my couples. Overall, I want my photos to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
I take editing to another level creatively too! I love the blurry, grainy, out of focus photos just as much as the crisp, clean, sharp images. In your gallery, I will mostly deliver the sharp/clear images. But I will also give you a handful of images that might be a little grainy and blurry to add aesthetic and variety to your gallery. So before you throw out one of the images that are just totally blurry, take a step back and look at the image and see if it makes you feel something! Those images weren't put in the gallery by mistake.


how i pose

I know that getting in front of the camera can be a very overwhelming thought. You might think that you have to come with all the poses. You might think that you're just so awkward and clumsy and you don't know how to take a "good" picture. You might think that it's going to be a stressful shoot and that I won't be satisfied because you aren't models.

Well guess what! I LOVE awkward, clumsy, ditsy, messy and dirty! It is RARE if a couple doesn't tell me they are awkward! I thrive with couples who come to me and don't know what to do but are also willing to trust me enough to open up and have fun!

When we start a session, I'll give you a comforting pep talk that will give you an understanding and expectations of what the session is going to look like! That's a great way to start because it'll ease your nerves and will give you an idea of how it'll all play out. I'll start the session in "warm up" mode for about 5-10 minutes so we can all start loosening up and get comfortable. From there, we start having fun! I come fully prepared with tons of mini activities, games, and prompts so you guys can interact constantly throughout the session and I'll document all the fun candid moments between you. I'm always there to guide you if you don't know what you should do!

Always feel comfortable to ask me a question! Questions are never dumb and I'm here to help guide you and make you feel as comfortable as possible!

Are you ready for it?!


how i Shoot

I've got a pretty crazy trigger finger when I'm shooting! The way I shoot might be a little untraditional from most photographers but it works for me and it's a lot of fun! Anytime I get you to do a fun prompt, I'll be shooting it like crazy! I'll be running around with you, shooting high and low and from all sides to get all the fun angles. It is very likely I'll have you repeat some activities so I can get closer or farther away to add the variety!

Variety for me is always key. If you bring multiple outfits or we go to more than one location, we'll be able to get different scenery and can tell more of a story in your gallery.

I also get variety by switching up a lot of poses and shooting ALL the angles with every pose we do. I could get 10 different photos of the same pose and they all look totally different!

When I'm shooting, I'm also very encouraging! Never ever think that you're doing something wrong during a shoot! It is literally impossible to do a pose "wrong" because however you interpret it is the right way! Every couple is different and will do things a little differently!

I also don't want you to think you have  to come to a session all smiley and bubbly! If that's not you or your vibe then we'll take it down a notch and focus more on the intimate and moodier photos.

Ultimately, I want you to feel your best and just come to have fun with me! My vibe and style is usually more outgoing and bubbly so if you are extremely introverted, then I would love to see you with a photographer who's personality and style can match yours so you don't feel overwhelmed!


how we connect

The best thing I can do for you as a photographer is make sure we're a great fit! If you're reaching out to me because you do like my photos and style and you think I can take great photos, that's a good start! But there's a much deeper connection we need to make so that I can create MAGIC for you! 

I've been in the business long enough now to know that I am not a great fit for everyone. I think I can take great photos for most people, but I won't be able to give you literal MAGIC and FIRE if I'm not the right vibe. So the biggest way I can connect with you and make you feel comfortable is if we can relate to each other! If we have anything in common, that is a great start! If you're wanting to reach out and tell me that you want to elope on the strip in Vegas and take photos by the Bellagio, I'm probably not your girl. Even though I live in Vegas, that isn't my vibe and my creative brain doesn't catch on fire for that vibe.

On the other hand, if you are coming to me and saying you want to go elope in the desert, renew your vows in the mountains, or jump in the river for a photo shoot, I AM YOUR GIRL! I will be so hyped and joyful right along with you!

I wish I could be a photographer for everyone, but I've found so much value in serving couples who I connect and vibe with! But trust me, if you're now realizing that we might not be the right fit for each other, that's okay!! There is a photographer out there for you!


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you based out of?

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I'm based out of Las Vegas, Nevada!

But don't let that stop you from reaching out! I love to travel anywhere out west!

Can we shoot at more than one location?

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I usually recommend doing 1 or 2 locations, but more than that can take away from our time to take photos and can even be more stressful! I don't want to stress you out by shooting at multiple locations, so 1 or 2 locations is perfect!

I also want you to be confident in knowing that even if we only had 15 minutes in one spot, we can get plenty of photos! A variety in scenery is always great, but these photos will be focused on you and your love and connection! So don't be too caught up in the location, we will have SO MUCH FUN either way!

Can you help us get a permit for our elopement?

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So many locations, especially national and state parks, require permits! The permits can sometimes take more than a month to get so let's start planning ahead of time and I can point you in the right direction!

Do you travel for elopements?

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I LOVE to travel! I've been as far as Ireland to capture elopements! I'm so down to hear your exciting plans and wild adventures you want to have and I would be honored to come along with you to capture it all!

Do you travel for an engagement session?

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I LOVE to travel! I've been as far as Ireland to capture elopements! I'm so down to hear your exciting plans and wild adventures you want to have and I would be honored to come along with you to capture it all!

Do you charge extra for travel fees?

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Some of my destination packages already have travel fees built into the package.

If you're planning a destination session or elopement that's even further than my destination packages are prepared for then I do have to charge extra to cover my expenses.

The great thing about booking with me for your destination elopement/session is that I'm a very experienced traveler! I can't tell you how many countries and states I've traveled to for fun and for photography in the last 10 years! I even spent 3 months in Italy during college!

I've got traveling really nailed down and I'm extremely organized and will take the extra steps to make it a super organized and stress free trip for you!

Can I book you for multiple days/sessions?

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The more sessions and time I get to spend with you, the more fun, comfortable, and creative we can get together! Not only will you get an abundance of photos, but the more time you spend in front of the camera and with me, the more fun we'll have.

If you're eloping and want to do a few different types of sessions, like a morning cuddle session, late night starry session, or even another day after adventurous session in your wedding clothes or we can take it casual, all of these options are amazing to continue to capture your love story in different ways!

Definitely ask me about booking multiple sessions and I will give you an awesome discount!

When will we get our photos?

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My delivery policy is to try to deliver within a month of the session.

My contract gives me a few months of wiggle room because during busy season it can be harder to keep up with all the galleries. But a month is pretty average!

If you're ever curious on how much longer it'll take to deliver, please reach out! I'm always an open book and can let you know how many more galleries I need to edit before yours.

If you need a rush on the gallery for any reason, please let me know and we can make it happen!

Can we get the photos that aren't edited?

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No, sorry!

But just know that there is almost never a photo that we took that I don't deliver! I will go through all the photos and delete a lot of the duplicates, blurry, or badly exposed images and whatever is left are the ones I deliver!

How many photos do you deliver?

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I don't put a limit on the number of photos I deliver.

For a session it can be anywhere from 100-300 photos.
For an elopement it can be anywhere from 300-600 photos.

What do you recommend we wear for a session?

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First and foremost, I want you to be comfortable! I actually don't recommend wearing something brand new that you've never worn before. We don't want any wardrobe mishaps and I want you to wear something you absolutely KNOW you love and are comfortable in.

I always recommend earthy tones and even add some fun layers to your aesthetic. If it's hot and you just want to wear shorts and a tank top that's great! Maybe add some bracelets, necklace, a hat, a neck scarf, or tie a long sleeved shirt around your waist. Adding fun layers to your outfit (even if your outfit is simple) can add a lot of fun elements to the photos.

If it's colder, then I'm always loving a good beanie and a hoodie in some photos! Casual is always best for my style!

Avoid heels and short skirts/dresses! 

Can you help us plan our elopement?

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If your eloping in Vegas, I can help plan and give advice as well as be your own personal chauffer throughout the day!

I'm always happy to help plan out as best as I can whether your eloping in Vegas or elsewhere! 

Can you help us pick out a location for our elopement/session?

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I take a lot of pride in location scouting and knowing a lot of amazing areas to take photos!
If you're wanting to elope or shoot in a location I've never been to then I can do my best to help you from afar (google maps and all trails are my bestie apps for things like this!).

If you want to elope somewhere in the world but not sure where to start looking, reach out to me! We can figure it out together!

What happens if we have to cancel?

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I'd be so sad, but totally understanding! I know things happen outside of our control sometimes.

Unfortunately, no matter when you cancel, the deposit is non refundable. I'll do my best to work out any type of solution and will be willing to postpone if we can make it happen!