Being a full time photographer from the beginning has taught me so much! And one thing I really struggled with in the beginning of my career was finding resources to get me going. I want to create a space full of community, resources, and helpful information to get your biz running smoothly!

My gallery of tips and tricks for photographers and future brides.

Welcome to the blog

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This engagement session at Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona was a lot of fun to photograph! The warm and bright colors added to the incredible backdrop. I am quickly discovering that desert vibes in nature are becoming some of my favorite locations to photograph my couples. Getting the opportunity to explore and really soak in […]

Desert Engagement Photos at Cathedral Rock in Sedona | Desert Elopement Photographer

Casual Couple standing together in front of Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona

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One of my favorite locations to photograph my couples is Valley of Fire in Las Vegas. Valley of Fire is the perfect escape outside of the busy city of Las Vegas especially if you are wanting to explore more of the scenic desert landscapes. Valley of Fire provides a variety of different colors for that […]

Engagement Photos at Valley of Fire in Las Vegas | Adventure Elopement Photographer

Couple posing on tan cliffside in formal clothes

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Blue Lakes, Breckenridge Engagement This Blue Lakes engagement session in Breckenridge was a pretty spontaneous shoot! I had been talking with Sabrina for almost a year (or more? Time flies, it’s hard to remember!) making plans for their big day in the fall of 2020! As we all know, COVID was not a friend to […]

Blue Lakes, Breckenridge Engagement

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Have you ever considered doing an adventurous bridal session in Colorado after your wedding?! You might be thinking, “It’s just an extra cost”, “I don’t see the point”, “We’ll get plenty of photos on our wedding day so why bother”, or “It’s not as special if it’s not on our wedding day.” I’ve heard it […]

Adventurous Bridal Session in Colorado

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Tips on moving your photography business to a new state! Some helpful ideas on making the transition easier for you and your biz!

5 Tips on Moving Your Photography Business!

couple holding hands in Colorado mountains

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Colorado Adventure session at Great Sand Dunes National Park?! Yes please!!! This couples session was THE DEFINITION of an adventure. Literally: “an unusual and exciting, typically hazardous, experience or activity.” If you have ever been to a sandy place (like, hmm SAND dunes??) then you know that when it’s windy things get C R A […]

Colorado Adventure Session | Great Sand Dunes National Park