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This is my little fam!

Meet my fam!! This is me, my hubby, Kidron, and our sweet puppers, Desi! Kidron and I have been married since summer of 2016 and met in college. Desi joined our dream team in 2019 and she's the best decision we've ever made!

Kidron + Becca + Desi

moved to my dream state, 






got married!
Moved to TN
started our photo/video biz

Desi joined the team!

moved to vegas for kidron's dream job!

We met in college and got married in Nashville, TN where we started our life and biz together! Our story is fun, complicated, and a total God thing! After a couple of years, I decided I needed to spice up our life a bit and convinced Kidron to let me get a dog. He absolutely hated the idea of it back then, but he loves her so much now and watching him play with her is the BEST thing!

Colorado has always been my goal since I was 18; every summer in college I would spend it with my sister in Colorado. People ask me all the time, "what takes you to Colorado?" OMGG EVERYTHING! The fresh air, the scenery, the mountains, no humidity or bugs, the culture, the people, the beautiful winters (I NEED SNOW), it's such an active state and exactly where I want to be! So here we are! We set a 5 year plan to be in TN those 5 years and by the end of it we had a goal to move! 


We are a hubby and wife photo AND video team based in Denver, Colorado!

This section is SUUPPER important for me to have because I want you guys to know exactly what I'm all about as a photographer and where our passion is! There is not a single photographer who can serve every single person out there! Just think about that for a second. I know it kind of sucks! I wish I could do it all and be 100 different things for everyone who rolls into my inbox, but unfortunately I really have to narrow down who I serve so I can serve them in the best way possible!

So here goes! I'm a nature girl. I LOVE being out in the mountains, on cliff sides, in the ocean, just out exploring, going on an epic adventure, and taking amazing photos! My biggest passion and where I literally THRIVE is with couples who share the same love for the outdoors that I do! Whether that be just a fun adventurous engagement session, or you actually want to head to the mountains to say your vows with just a few friends and family. LOOK NO FURTHER! I soak in every second because I LOVE that! If you're not willing to get a little dirty or you want your hair to be absolutely perfect, maybe you have a super classy, posed, style, then I don't think I'm the girl for you. If you're not willing to be totally goofy with your boo, prance through a field, turn up the PDA to 110%, or dance like no ones watching, then it's possible that we may not be the best fit! TBH I'm a little crazy on my photo shoots! I get so into it and a little wild because I want to just make it the most fun experience for you guys!

If you're reading this and thinking, YESSSS THIS IS THE PERFECT FIT! Then what the heck are you waiting for?! I cannot wait to meet you!


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I am officially a Las Vegas Elopement Photographer! I have been passionate about photography since I was 16! I had a dream of being a photographer before I even went to college and worked toward that goal ever single day!

I shot my very first wedding when I was 18 and remember literally crying with joy when I was asked to capture that wedding! I was only a freshman in college and literally felt like this is what I was meant to do! 

Ever since that first wedding I haven't slowed down! I have been working and striving to be a better photographer and finding ways to give each of my couples the best experience I can!

A little about me and my biz!

I never imaged I'd actually end up moving to Las Vegas! It was a very unexpected surprise that God would move us here, but here we are! Kidron and I lived in Tennessee for 5 years after we got married and had planned to live in Colorado for the rest of our lives! We moved to Colorado in December of 2020 and only 4 months later Kidron got his dream job offer in Las Vegas working as a videographer for the UFC! It was a total God thing and completely out of the blue! So here we are starting a brand new adventure in a whole new place!

When I'm not working, I'm spending most of my time with Kidron and Desi! I love to be outdoors as much as possible, hiking, climbing, exploring, finding a new view or trail! If I'm ever having a bad day then hand me my water bottle and take me on a hike and I'll be a happy camper!

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Hi guys it's me! I'm a little nerdy and a tom boy at heart, but definitely love a little bit of the girly side! The outdoors is where my heart is. I love to get my hands dirty and honestly love hard work. I could totally see myself living on a prairie with no cell phone and working a farm! I don't always love working out BUT I love to do things that naturally push me. Skiing is a new hobby that Kidron introduced me to so that's one big reason why I'm really excited to be moving to Colorado to be closer to skiing! Hiking and exploring are my gym and the big outdoors is my office! I wouldn't have it any other way. 

A little more about Becca

peanut butter and jelly

I'm a very independent, passionate person! I can get very fired up about topics that I have an interest in! I'm also a very skeptical person mixed with believing in conspiracies. I also love to go on an adventure anytime, anywhere! I typically go with the flow with a lot of enthusiasm and I get SUPER excited about the little things in life more than the big things. 

That's me in a nutshell! I didn't even get to the fact that I'm a huge dog lover, every time fall rolls around I love watching Gilmore Girls, The Bachelor is my guilty pleasure, I grew up watching I Love Lucy and I could probably quote every episode, I love mint chocolate chip ice cream, I have to be outside at some point every day, rock climbing is my new hobby, I prefer decaf coffee, Chick-fil-a is our go to, Christmas is the best holiday, snow makes everything better, the mountains and desert are my happy place, and above all else, I believe with all my heart that the Lord is my Savior and I wouldn't be me without HIM!

Kidron is SO FREAKING TALENTED! Bias has nothing to do with it, I literally think he's the most talented storyteller! Kidron doesn't just film your wedding, he tells your story!

Kidron is a perfectionist thru and thru. He is the exact definition of an enneagram one! Anyone relate?! He works for perfection and in my opinion, achieves it every time!

A little more about Kidron

Not only does Kidron work hard along my side, Kidron does a lot of other things besides wedding films! He has a huge passion for MMA. Pretty much the exact opposite from weddings!

He's not really a football or baseball sports fan, but he could talk your ear off about MMA. He has been filming and following a really good buddy of his since his amateur fighting career started and has followed him all the way to the UFC. Kidron spends a lot of his time on his own docu-series on Bryce "Thug Nasty" Mitchell called "Home Grown Fighter" and let me tell ya! Bryce is hilarious and Kidron does an amazing job filming him and all the crazy things he does! 

This might also shock you, but Kidron is also a huge Disney parks fan! He loves planning our Disney trips and took me on my first one for Valentine's Day in 2019! It was such an amazing trip! We've gone on a couple more trips since then and each time is so magical! 

I just need to brag on how wonderful of a hubby Kidron is! I'm literally super crazy, and Kidron does such an amazing job just being there for me, calming me down, and is super affectionate and loving towards me! He literally just wants to make me so happy and I love him so much for it! 

glidecam master

Kidron is 1 of 7 people in the world who have been declared glidecam master! Which means he can make your video look cinematic as heck!

Desi gets her own special section on our site because she's THE BEST! She is so full of personality, she makes the best faces and little head tilts when we talk to her! She loves other people and gets along with every single dog she meets. Her tongue rarely stays inside her mouth so watch out! She always goes with the flow and will let us dress her up, dance with her, and get her picture taken (as long as there are treats involved ;) 

A little more about Desi

Desi Puppers

fluff butt

Desi Bear

Me and Kidron never grew up with dogs. I always had cats growing up and loved them! I had several friends who had dogs but I never really cared about them...until we got Desi! 

Working from home can be super boring and kind of lonely at times. I'm one of those people who needs to go outside often to get some sunshine, it's hard for me to sit at my computer all day long without several outside breaks! I thought that our lifestyle would be perfect for a dog! Kidron did NOT like the idea of getting a dog. Basically he told me I could get a dog as long as it wasn't annoying and he didn't have to take care of it. So I did! 

Desi is literally me in dog form! A little wild and crazy and hard to tame. She gets excited about everything and we keep each other entertained! Even though Kidron didn't want a dog at first, we've now had Desi for 1.5 years and he loves her! He is so so so happy we have Desi, we couldn't imagine our lives without her!

I'm ready for number 2 ;)





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